06/12 [trans] KyuJong – Musical Goong First Day Performance

Credits : blog.brokore.com/gung-japan/index.do+ (Chinese Translation) dechan @ http://www.kimkyujong.com.cn + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Musical Goong first day of performance!!


Hello to everyone who are looking forward to updates on the blog.
Today is the first day of performance in Japan!

Today’s weather in Kyoto is very bright and also very hot!

Many congratulatory flower stands sent by fans from all over, were received at the venue, it smells very nice!!
Fans were waiting anxiously for long-awaited SS501 Kim KyuJong to make his appearance.
Combination of Kyoto Minamiza’s unique Japanese ambience with Korea musical,
They blend in amazingly well, and the atmosphere in the venue is really good.

Musical Goong first day of performance!! 2


Inside Minamiza, it feels like you are very close to the stage no matter where you sit
The ticketing is different on different days of performance, so please watch it a few more times.
Be it friends or relatives, you must come and watch this

Please indulge in the atmosphere in Minamiza Kyoto and the Hallyu musical
Thereafter, we will continue to update, so please look forward to it~

Musical Goong first day of performance!! 3


Following up, this is the second performance today
Attracting the attention of all the audience with their great performances
The second performance starts at 6pm! It is almost time for the performance~

Musical Goong first day of performance!! 4


The evening show is on now
It’s a pity that the first performance for Jang YuJun who acts as Ryul has been cancelled. But his stage performance after he ‘recharges’ will make you emerge into charms of this musical Goong.
Please look forward to it!

Following up, please let ‘Musical Goong’ in Kyoto which last for one month, to shine!

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