06/08 [trans] SS501 Two-Leading Stars Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng Signed On With Warner Music Taiwan

Source: Warner Music Taiwan (E-Warner @ Facebook)
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Celebrating 6th year anniversary held for Taiwan fans [Prince Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Video Activities

Kim Hyun Joong teared when talking about fans during Comeback Stage Showcase
Channel [V] for the 1st time in history! Double Superstars MV broadcast in June!!

All fans has been waiting! Long-awaited Power group SS501 Double Superstars: [Korea New Leading Star] Kim Hyun Joong, [SS501 Lead Singer] Heo Young Saeng, have signed on with Warner Music Taiwan! Following this, including the Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia after the other places, you can hear both leading superstar latest music releases! Channel [V] will have the exclusive premiere of their latest 3 songs releases!! Heo Young Saeng “LET IT GO”, Kim Hyun Joong “PLEASE” & “BREAK DOWN” will broadcast together at the same time as Korea so as to let the Taiwan fans to view 1st! 8th May which is also SS501 debut 6th Anniversary, for the Taiwan fans, Warner Music also beef up their gifts, announced that on 16 Jul they will be holding [Heo Young Saeng Overseas Connection] Video activities, there will be 50 lucky fans from Taiwan who will be able to have a video chat with Heo Young Saeng!! Kim Hyun Joong has held his 1st mini album music showcase on the 7th June, feeling bad for the fans and thankful for the fans at the same time, he teared!!

8 Jun (Wed) is SS501 debut 6th anniverary, all asia fans are happily celebrating on this day, Warner Music proudly announced, they as the official agencies for will be giving away [Korea Leading New Star] Kim Hyun Joong and [SS501 Lead Singer] Heo Young Saeng latest Korean Mini albums to the Green Peas Princesses who have always been supporting SS501. Not only in the Greater China, including Singapore and Malaysia will be able to hear their latest music releases, double Star charm will set off officially in the whole of Asia!!

Especially to welcome SS501 Double Stars Comeback, Warner Music Taiwan together with mobilised and got ready , when Korean started to broadcast the teasers, Warner Music also broadcast at the same time thru their webby, immediately created a huge response from thousands over fans, double superstars comeback force totally cannot control!! Taiwan Channel [V] also for the 1st time, straight for 3 weeks, will be broadcasting Heo Young Saeng and Kim Hyun Joong latest MVs!!

9 May (Thurs) ~ 11 Jun (Sat) Heo Young Saeng “LET IT GO”

16 Jun (Thurs) ~ 18 (Jun ) Kim Hyun Joong “PLEASE”

23 Jun (Thurs) ~ 25 Jun (Sat) Kim Hyun Joong “BREAK DOWN”


Goodbye to the shy prince, SS501 main lead singer Heo Young Saeng transform into a Chic City Guy, and will be releasing the Taiwan version of his latest mini album “LET IT GO”. 1st time releasing solo album, Heo Young Saeng does not deny and admitted that he is actually very nervous, but he is very happy that his good buddies came and supported him! When recording this album, SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong did a featuring in 1 of the song, and Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Kyu Jong even went to Heo Young Saeng 1st comeback stage, they were at the backstage room supporting him, making the usual introvert Young Saeng surprised and touched. With his good buddies companion and encouragement, giving Heo Young Saeng energy and strength during the promotions of his album “LET IT GO”, resulting him hitting the champion record standings! Warner Music also officially announced that for 16 Jul [Heo Young Saeng Overseas Connections] activity, if you buy his album which will be release on 30 Jun “LET IT GO” either Version A or B, you get a chance to take part in the lucky draw, you will be 1 of the 50 lucky fans who will get a chance to see Heo Young Saeng in person via Video on the day of the activity!!

leader1v leader2
Everyone anticipating [Korea Leading New Star] Kim Hyun Joong, on 7 Jun hold his 1st mini album “BREAK DOWN” showcase, best buddies Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong were there to celebrate his birthday which falls on 6 June, letting the 4000 over fans overjoyed who can see 3 members at the same time. Heo Young Saeng could not help but make a small complain at Kim Hyun Joong: “Obviously I did sent you a message wishing you a happy birthday, but did not receive any reply”, Kim Hyun Joong as usual replied with humour stating that his handphone is spoilt, just right that since everyone is around, taking this chance to tell all his good buddies about it making Kim Kyu Jong suddenly stated that, no wonder he called him for the past few days but his phone is always off, was worried whether did anything happen to him! During the showcase, Kim Hyun Joong also specially wrote a letter to the fans and he read it out, other than thanking the fans for their support for the past 6 years, he also talked about how he felt for the past 1 year, he was very heart pain, due to the future direction of SS501, the fans started to fight among themselves, he hoped that he can use his album to bring happiness and blissfulness to everyone, reading finished the letter, Kim Hyun Joong started tearing, touching the fans attending the showcase. To know more news on Kim Hyun Joong solo album, please look out at http://www.warnermusic.com.tw

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