06/08 [news] Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Kim HyungJun, “SS501, 6th Anniversary Like A Dream”

Credits : newsen + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



SS501 Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun expressed their feelings on their 6th year of debut.

Heo YoungSaeng said through his own twitter on 8-June at about 2am “Today is SS501 6thanniversary! Time flies. Memories of us crying because we realized our dreams 6 years ago. Even though we cried while saying ‘it’s great’, let’s strive on since we’ve realized the dream! SS501! Don’t forget the meaning of our group name everyone”

Their group name ‘SS501’ stands for ‘Super star, 5 members always together as 1’.

Kim KyuJong also expressed his thoughts through his twitter “Time flies, our debut, our excitedness and neverousness on 8th June 2005, it feels like it was just yesterday that we cried, and flew by so quickly. 501! Really thank you. Thanks to pretties too! SS501 Hurray!”

Kim HyungJun also wrote his thoughts down “8th June 2005, and today. I hope that in the future we will only be filled with better things and supporting and loving each other. SS501 Hwaiting. Thank you to everyone and I love you”

SS501 debuted on 8-June-2005 with 5 members, Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Park JungMin, Kim KyuJong and Kim HyungJun, and released their first single ‘1st SS501’.

Fans responded “I will continue to support you in the future too”, “Happy 6th anniversary”, “I love you oppa-deul”, etc.

SS501 is currently engaged in their individual activities such as radio DJ, musical actor, actor, etc.

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