06/07 [news] Kim HyunJoong ‘Had a Shock Seeing Virtuous Photo, Made Up Mind on Dieting”

Credits : news@tvdaily.co.kr + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



Kim HyunJoong, who has released his first solo album, spoke about his determination to go on diet.

Kim HyunJoong revealed in the 1st album ‘Break Down’ showcase on 7-June at 4.30pm at JangChoong Stadium, Seoul, that he got a shock when he saw the spoiler photos for SBS ‘Running Man’ over the internet recently.

Labeled as ‘Virtuous Kim HyunJoong’, he saw the photo and expressed “I also got a shock as soon as I saw the photo. I was surprised that I was fat to that extent. After seeing that, I quickly made up my mind to go on diet, but I didn’t appear to be that fat when I watched on TV so I was relieved.”

Kim HyunJoong continued to explain “In the end I cancelled my diet plans. Because I often play scoccer, I don’t worry about putting on weight. Playing soccer also expands my lung capacity so I think it’s really good. I will continue with it without stopping in the future too.”

Kim HyunJoong added “Through this album, I want to appeal to the others with a masculine image. Because of that, the album activities will be focused on masculinity and toughness. In order to tone up my body, I exercised like crazy for 50 days.”

Kim HyunJoong’s first solo album ‘Break Down’ contains dance, ballad, R&B, and various genres of songs. It will be available throughout Asia on 8-June.

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