06/06 [news] ‘Running Man’ Kim Hyun Joong, Transformed into Book Shop Employee but ‘Unable to Hide His Good Looks’

News Courtesy TVDaily + Xiaochu + (eng trans) kelemama@501wangja.multiply.com
Please repost with full credits


“Running Man” super guest appearance Kim Hyun Joong speed transformation into a book shop employee.

Aired on 5th “Running Man”, in order to complete his mission successfully, Kim Hyun Joong disguised himself as a book shop employee to hide himself.

Though Kim Hyun Joong used an apron, black-framed glasses and a hat to camouflage but his small face and absolute good looks are not able to be concealed. With this, Song Ji Hyo with her eagle-sharped eyes was able to identify Kim Hyun Joong.

Song Ji Hyo ran after Kim Hyun Joong but Kim Hyun Joong already noticed her and quickly moved away, escaping from a crisis.

Viewers responded with “If the employees are like Kim Hyun Joong, I will read books everyday”, “Wants to work together with Kim Hyun Joong” after watching it.

Meanwhile, today’s SBS TV ‘Good Sunday ~ Running Man’ broadcast of ‘Insider Spy’ episode has brought laughters to viewers.

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