05/31 [trans] Park Jung Min, Standing On His Own on InStyle Fashion

Source: InStyle
Chinese Trans: ÇÇ¿À³ª@PJM IFC
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

Park Jung Min, not only considered as SS501 member Park Jung Min, but who has already made a name for himself standing on his own. He has already reached the peak of his Global Star position, isnt it? Before meeting him, the only thing that I know of Park Jung Min is [What to do when you only feel sexiness and masculine charisma?]

But lastly from Park Jung Min you can see that , yet you will totally forget what your prejudice about him. My meeting with Park Jung Min starts at 4pm onwards, and for reporters and staffs can only watch at the side at 5pm. [Global Star, sure to be late], dont know whether is my prejudice towards him that clouded my thinking. But, Park Jung Min arrived at the studio at 3.30pm.
[Hello! How Are You?]

He greeted everyone around in the studio, looking at Park Jung Min you couldnt find any Global Star high, mighty and proud looks from him. This is a 25 years old healthy and polite young man, in addition with his amicable and charming eyes, making me “scratching my head” thinking why is that? During the shooting, even though can only see him thru the screen, but you can just identify him out. He is that person, whom everyone want to date, anyone who see his smiling eyes who will smile at the same time, the beautiful young man whom will let the mother who smile naturally.

Scene 1 THE CUT


In the initial concept, we thought of giving our beautiful young man smoky make-up, but after seeing the after-effects we totally feel apologetic to him in our hearts. Because during the shooting process, Park Jung Min and the staff love the effects, thus they transform Park Jung Min into a sexy knight image. The initital part is very good, but he really knows how to highlight his point of view, thus the effect is totally different in front of the camera. With this quick button-pressing, this suddenly became “THE CUT”. [Sure enough, This is Park Jung Min] this kind of sentence suddenly just came out.

Scene 2 Do not want to be a youth


25 years old. A youth who doesnt want to be called “Youth”, he also do not wanna be a young boy. No matter what, his friendly personality and attitude is slowly revealed like those green pastures, which couldnt be found in those black knights. But, bright fashion images couldnt escape from his playful cheerful smile. Even though the studio is already lighted brightly, his energetic brightness overflow. This day, actually Park Jung Min is suffering from Cervical vertebra movement disorder, and the day before he actually was having a 40deg high fever, and in the studio on that day he still have to consume his medication so as to support him till the end of his schedule. Nevertheless, no matter any jumping or any other postures, he dont even reject, he did not even showed any tiredness, making the shooting process even more worrying. Clearly he is the flower boy. In addition, on the screen you can see his different kinds of expressions and acting skills, not matter whether is his musical career, or any other business he will put in his best to do it which is his personality. The things we like, Park Jung Min will think thru and use his own ideas and concepts together with his professional mind to achieve it. In the near future, please continue loving him. And those who fans who gave him lots of love also anticipate, please look forward to the expectations of the Global Star.


Cervical vertebra movement disorder. The most common symptom of this is neck pain . No wonder during ‘Dream Team’ shooting he has plaster on his nape to relieve the pain.

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