05/30 [trans] KyuJong Interview Hallyu Pia VOL 6

Credits : Scan credit as on pic + (Chinese Translation) À¶Ý¶ kolkol dechan (www.kimkyujong.com.cn) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Hallyu Pia VOL 6


[Musical Goong]
Actor : SS501 Kim KyuJong’s Interview
Korean drama [Goong, Love in Palace] by popular artistes Joo JiHoon, Yoon EunHye, Kim JungHoon. It was being remake into musical play in 2010 and was highly anticipated as the main lead was played by YoonHo, this musical play is finally coming to Japan. This time, we had a private interview with SS501 member Kim KyuJong who was selected to act as Shin.

Rejected the offer once, but made up his mind due to YoonHo’s words

[Goong~ Love in Palace] was very popular in Korea, then in Japan too, the musical play has been confirmed to be performed in Kyoto in June.
Already being remade into musical play back in Korea starring YoonHo, but everything will be new this time in Japan, from director, to stage design, and also the cast.
Prince Shin, who was acted by Joo JiHoon in the drama version, is being played by SS501’s Kim KyuJong. In the press conference in Seoul that day, nervous KyuJong talked about the reason why he is lacking in energy while participating in a musical play for the first time.

“We will be starting our practices next Tuesday. Even though we haven’t started, but frankly speaking, I am very nervous and feels abit stressed.”

SS501 members started their own solo activities, and KyuJong chose this musical play.

“Some members released albums, and some went to challenge other fields. So what should I do? I was troubled.”
For the time being, he started learning acting. Just at that time, his chance to play in this musical came.

The unexpected offer came while he was having fan meeting with YoungSaeng.

“During discussion for the musical, I kept thinking if I will be able to do it? Maybe I can’t. And in the beginning, I thought that ‘It seems really difficult’, but felt that it would be a waste if I said ‘Alright! I’ll just reject the offer’. (laughs) I like to sing and dace, and also wanted to try the new challenge. So I considered for a long time, and made my decision very late.”

The Korea version by YoonHo is very popular, this can be said as a form of stress for KyuJong. But the final decision made was also due to YoonHo’s words.

“I made a call to YoonHo hyung and he said ‘I also learned while acting, you will definitely do well. And working with the other actors/actresses and staffs in the musical is a good chance for you to learn.’ And so I made up my mind.”

Besides YoonHo, the other members of SS501 also supported KyuJong’s decision.

“HyungJun and JungMin have experiences in musical plays, they told me ‘That’s great’. They said it’s a very good chance. HyunJoong hyung and YoungSaeng hyung are happy for me. And they also told me that physical strength for musical play is far greater than that for dramas, thus I will gain more in return, and that’s why I must accept the musical.”

Very troubled before decided to accept!
Ate eel, so will work hard!

“I will make everyone touched” for the performance in Kyoto

Though he said he likes singing and dancing, but for musical plays, acting is required at the same time while singing and dancing. KyuJong has also realized this point.

“The dances that we have danced till now are all nice and cool, requiring all members to match nicely. However in musical plays, we cannot show too much emphasis on the dance, but has to merge the singing and dance nicely together, and at the same time showing a relaxed feeling? A singer has to show all the performance to the audience in a short time like within 3~4 minutes, but a musical actor has to slowly shows it out, because the play last for about 2 hours or so. Ah, if you say your lines too quickly, then the play will end very fast? (laugh)”

The Japan version of the musical will be performed in Minamiza Kyoto. Because this theatre is a place to hold traditional Japanese arts and cultural programs, so all the actors/actresses are looking forward to it.

“We heard that it is a very good theatre. So we are indeed very excited. If I missed this chance, I don’t think I will have any chances to performance on the stage of Minamiza right? Because we won’t be able to hold concerts here. So to be performing on such a stage, don’t you feel extra touched? I think of it this way.”

Tell us about your memory about traveling in Kyoto

“I have a deep impression in eating BBQ. In a BBQ shop with a history of about 60 years, it is very Japanese-styled, so I felt good. Because the ambience is different, so the taste feels different too. However the chef who is wearing traditional clothing, were beside us making food for us, so I felt quite uneasy…… Although I said ‘It’s okay, let me do it myself’, but the chef said it’s fine. I am sorry about this, so I gave my chili paste and Korean ancient coin as present to him, and told him ‘May you have a long life’ (laugh). Unagi (eel) in Japan is very delicious. The performance period for the musical is quite long so I will eat the delicious unagi while keeping an eye on my health, I will work hard!”

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