05/13 [news] SS501’s Heo Young Saeng, White and Black ‘Restrained Melancholy’

Source: TV Report
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com


Group SS501 member Heo Young Saeng had his first solo debut stage.

Heo Young Saeng showcased his new solo track through live broadcast KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on the 13th.

On the lushly decorated stage earlier during precording, Heo Young Saeng was dressed in white and black suit displaying an all black fashion code, showing his chic yet masculine charm.

In the extravagantly choreographed song, Heo Young Saeng’s melancholic voice expressed a mixture of unconventional feelings. On the 12th, Heo Young Saeng selected and released his songs ‘Out of Club’ and ‘Let It Go’.

On this week’s ‘Music Bank’, Lim Jae Bum and Park Jae Bum are vying for the 1st place.

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