05/13 [news] SS501 Heo Young Saeng First Solo Debut, featuring female Park Ju Hyun, who is she?

Source: Newsen
Korean to English Translation: Honeyeee + Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com


SS501 Heo Young Saeng released his first solo album, while displaying a brilliant debut stage at the centre, the attention was also focused on the woman next to Heo Young Saeng.

On the live broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on 13th of June, Heo Young Saeng performed the track ‘Let It Go’ from his first solo album.

On this day, despite being alone, Heo Young Saeng gained strength and support from the SS501 members and succeed in attracting the public’s attention with his stage presence and vocal abilities.

Especially for today’s stage, Park Ju Hyun performed 4Minute Hyun-A’s part as rapper with overwhelming charisma, capturing everyone’s attention.

In title song MV, the tall and slim-figured woman appeared, whose overwhelming charisma and intense look with Heo Young Saeng showed off a breath of fantasy and illusion, resulting in great curiosity and interest over who she is.

Meanwhile, for today’s broadcast, other than Heo young Saeng, 5Dolls, Park Jaebum (Feat. dok2), f(x) , 4Minute, Kim Tae Woo, SISTAR19, After School, Im Jung Hwee, Eru, DECEMBER, Untouchable (Feat. Oh Jin Suk), Noh Ra Ju, Seo Young Eun, B1A4, Block B, Soul Dive (Feat. Go Ah Mi), Kim Keu Rim, and Touch also performed as well.

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