05/10 [news] Lee Hyori Management Company, Will 1st Strike From SS501 Heo Young Saeng

Source: New.Sportsseoul
Korean ~ Chinese Trans: ŽÅ–ƒ”L@ MA501TW
English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Pls repost with credits

The Management Company which Lee Hyori belongs to, B2M entertainment will 1st strike from SS501 Heo Young Saeng.

Heo Young Saeng’s first solo album release ‘Let It Go’ all audio and MV will only make known to public on the 13th , and he will start his promotional activities from KBS MUSIC BANK onwards.

Before this, Heo Young Saeng MV stills were released on the 9th, black outfit and black sunglasses to show a strong personal style. And before, the MV “LET IT GO” which was filmed at setting of NamYangJu, due to the huge production fees of over 100 million won, caused a huge response from netizens.

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