04/25 [news] Park JungMin gave hugs and sweet talk to fans which makes them giddy

Source: 明报
English translation by rainaftershine


Park Jung Min held his autograph session in Hong Kong for the first time, attracted over 500 fans, venue was chaotic.

Popular group SS501′s Park Jung Min held his autograph session yesterday at Tai Po Mega Mall. Park Jung Min was very excited for his first autograph session in Hong Kong. Apart from keeping his smile when fans touched him when they were taking photos, he also greeted his 500 fans with his famous pouting. He even showcase his Chinese, when he came to the venue, he used Chinese saying ‘Hello everybody, I am your Park Jung Min.’ He was asked what he would like to buy when he said that he loves shopping. Park Jung Min said that ‘I want to buy the fan’s heart back today!’ which captive the fan’s hearts.

Exposed that he was being touched at the airport

While playing the game, although there are some fans who written Park Jung Min’s name wrongly, he still hugged the 3 contestants which made the audience screamed. Apart from the fans, he has not forgotten about the female reporters, when a female reporter asked him if he like Hong Kong girls, he laughed and said ‘Like! You are all Hong Kong girls!’

Wants to work with Karwai Wong

Park Jung Min expressed that he squeezed out some time for shopping, besides buying clothes; he also bought a very big luggage for his buying’s in Hong Kong. He frankly admitted that he wants to eat some snacks, but did not have the chance to do it so, he also hope to go to the peak of the mountain to view the night scene. Park Jung Min expressed that he is happy to be able to have a close interaction with the fans during the trip to Hong Kong this time for the autograph session. He was asked if he will be worried to meet crazy fans. Park Jung Min did not deny and said ‘I have already seen crazy fans at the airport; my entire body was being touched.’ He was asked which Hong Kong artist he will want to work with if he has a chance. He said that ‘I will want to work with Hong Kong director Karwai Wong instead, even though a movie might take a few years to film, I wouldn’t mind, and will try to cooperate.’


Park Jung Min’s signature smile made fans crazy.


This female fan got a hug from Jung Min,
which made the other fans below the stage envy and jealous.

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