04/20 [news] HyungJun, “Please give me just 1 song!”

Credits :
http://spn.edaily.co.kr/entertain/newsRead…DirCode=0010201 + (English Translation) Ode @ SS501ode.blogspot.com


caption: I really need it (the song)
I love you from head to toe
Please just help me once
I really need the song
Really needs it
I hope to receive the song

Group SS501’s member Kim Hyungjun who’s recently returned as a solo singer has suddenly turned into a ‘song beggar’.

On MBC’s ‘Golden Fishery Radio Star’ that was broadcasted on the 20th, Kim Hyungjun made an appearance and expressed, “Everytime I go on TV I always said that I like Park Jinyoung, but until now, truth is I haven’t had any single contact with him at all”, as he showed signs of bittery. “Even to the extend that my manager had to ask the favor of him instead, but still, he somehow only did it with singer UV (Yoo Seyoon)”.

He also talked about his thoughts upon watching the ‘Lee Taewon Freedom’ music video. “To be honest when I was watching it I felt kinda angry. I didn’t receive any single song at all, I don’t understand why only UV got the collaboration chance instead”.

However, he took a turn to his words immediately, “Please just give me one song – humanisticly”, as he then recorded a video message for Park Jinyoung, begging for a song. This aroused much laughters from the audiences. Kim Heechul who saw this sight joked that Kim Hyungjun has since turned into a ‘new kind of song beggar’, as this caused a bout of another sea of laughter.

On the other hand, on this day’s programme also featured the continuation of guests from last week’s episode – Kim Hyungjun, Kim Jongmin, ZE:A’s Kwanghee etc.

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