04/12 [trans] Notice from KeyEast – We hope for fans cooperation

Source : hyun-jong.com
Koran to English translation by Ode / SS501ode.blogspot.com
Reposted at liezle.blogspot.com

Hi, this is Keyeast.

We truly express our thanks to all fans who have been showing much unchanging concern and support towards Kim Hyunjoong-ssi’s activities.

Today, we are here to mention about matters in regards to Kim Hyunjoong-ssi’s personal schedules. To all of these, we are very well aware of it as a form and expression of your love for Kim Hyunjoong-ssi. However, we ask for your attention that all of such concern may jolly well form to a certain extent of obstruction to his daily life, so we really ask for your self-control. Excessive amount of concern can fade the love of you fans, and in addition, it also doesn’t influence Kim Hyunjoong-ssi positively.

In future, we hope that more self-control could be exercised with regards to public release of any videotaping of his personal schedules.

We look forward to a more matured profile in this fandom in days to come.

Do weave your days of Spring happily and healthily as always, while we await to bring you good news in the fastest time possible.

Thank you.


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