04/04 [info] Notice – Invitation to Suggest Name for Official Fanclub

Source: http://www.hyun-joong.com/
Korean to English translation: wonderrrgirl @ LoveKimHyunJoong.com
Please repost with full credit

Hello, this is KeyEast.

In the warm breeze, the spring that causes flutters in our hearts has come.
Everyone, please take caution of your health during this change of season,
and we hope that you will have a good start for this spring.

Presently, Kim Hyun Joong is having a busy time preparing for his album.
KeyEast is providing as much strength towards Kim Hyun Joong’s activities
as well as planning for the establishment of Kim Hyun Joong’s official fan club.
Before the establishment of the official fan club,
the participation of coming up with the new fanclub name will be open to the public.

Everyone who have sent us a (suggested) name,
Kim Hyun Joong will be joining in to select the best I.D as well.
The chosen person will be presented with a gift of appreciation.
Everyone, please give it lots of attention and participate actively.

With regards to the announcement, please refer to the detailed contents below.

[Participation period]
[2011 4 April ~ 8 April (by Midnight)]

[How to Participate]
Please send an email to event@hyun-joong.com using the style below.

[Participation email application style]
(1) Subject: Kim Hyun Joong’s oficial fanclub name *김현중 공식 팬클럽 이름 공모*
(2) Content: Your name, your ID on the official homepage, Contact information, Fan club’s name, Reasons/meaning of the name.

(*wonderrrgirl note: If you wish to participate, please copy and paste the KOREAN subject instead for the email you are sending to them.
Just my own suggestion, you need not follow ^^ But this will make their job in separating different emails easier…?
Other information including fanclub name can be given in English if you wish to.)

(1) After the best 5 names have been chosen, a voting will be carried out in our official homepage.
(2) The name with the highest amount of votes will be chosen as the official name.

* Only 1 participation per 1 member is possible.
* Names of fan clubs that are already available will be ruled out
* Please ensure that all correct and necessary information are provided in the format provided.
* All emails sent after the participation period will not be considered.
* The schedule of voting period will be announced at a later period.
* For any other questions, please send it to event@hyun-joong.com

Thank you very much


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