03/21 [news] Lifting up like a bride, feeding, hugging, Park JungMin mesmerizing fans

Source: WanBao eNews
Scanned: http://www.love501.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Lifting up like a bride, feeding, hugging fans, South Korean Star Park JungMin mesmerizing 500 fans!

South Korean group SS501 member Park JungMin last friday arrived in Singapore to promote his solo EP ‘Not Alone’, showing his friendliness, in yesterday fan meeting he lift up fans, feed fans eating cake, cuddling fan from back, seemed to fulfill all requests, making fans screaming non stop. Lucky fans who were selected to go on stage were caused to have fluttering heart beats and burst with joy!

In the fan meeting, Park JungMin sang 4 songs, among them were LeeHom Wang’s ‘Forever Love’. Other than diligently practicing chinese song, he who had been actively learning mandarin, also tried to use mandarin to answer question throughout the event, kept saying ‘I miss you’, ‘You all are my girl friends’, ‘You all are very cute’, ‘I will come back again’ and other ‘sweet and honey words’, making fans very happy.

Other than frequently charming the fans under stage, Park JungMin even generously gave his hug to fans who went on stage to play game, other than enjoying the happiness of his bear hug, one of the fans was even lifted up by Park JungMin, causing the fans under stage to go crazy, and were very envious.

Park JungMin is not reserved like most Korean stars, when playing games he would even tease his fans, pretend to be angry with fans who were slower in action and said: “Faster! Faster!” Making the fans to laugh. Park JungMin treated fans so well, fans even recorded a MV song to return to their idol, there’s fans also personally made a cake to celebrate Park JungMin coming birthday, causing Park JungMin to be touched and have teary eyes.

Winking in Press Conference

In the press conference, Park JungMin showed his mischievous character, other than mimicking the MC and reporters words like a ‘parrot’, and even have various funny expression – pout, blowing his cheek, wink!

Park JungMin was very comfortable in the press conference, his mischievous character was very lovable. When the MC LiYi was asking, he would learn her pronunciation, when the reporters were asking a question, he would first use mandarin to ask: “Who are you?” After the reporter reading the name, he will repeat the name, and adding a ‘á³’* infront of the reporter’s name, causing everybody to laugh. (Mini UFO Note: Usually when you are very closed to the person, you will add ‘á³’ (pronounce as xiao) infront of their name to show the closeness.)

The reporter had asked 2 questions, he intentionally gave the reporter a ‘reprimand’ look to blame the reporter for being too greedy, however when the translator forgetten to translate the 2nd question, he would meticulously reminded: “There’s one more question….” Such a considerate move causing others to add more marks to him.

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