03/16 [trans] Star Interview – HyungJun: I am now an adult

Source: http://sports.hankooki.com/lpage/music/201103/sp2011031606005295510.htm
English translation: SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


“I, have turned into an adult”.

He who has now courageously stood forth as a solo singer aside from his group where he was the ‘maknae’. He spoke with strength in his voice. And on his expressions showed liveliness. He said he was reminded of his debut back then as a newbie where they shone through. Even during SS501 days, he was already well-known for being the ambitious one. He could not hide his overflowing desire in every thing.

“The best part about this is that I could subdue the camera all by myself? Haha. Should I say that I now feel lighter too? Our inner self doesn’t and can’t follow after like your desire, so I guess that’ll inflict internal pain, isn’t it. I want to challenge anything that comes by my side randomly but I’m trying to control that desire. What should I do so that it’ll be good? Deh?”

As if asking himself out of the blue, Kim Hyungjun enquired us about a path that could be better for him. Even without suggestions from people around him on what to do each day, he’s still spending every day busily. Besides being a DJ of SBS Power FM [Kim Hyungjun’s Music High], he also took onto the stages as a musical actor in his musical [Cafein]. He’s also starring across in reality programme [Hyungjun forms a progamer team] as the team leader. He also has plans to carry out tours in Japan in April and also across 5 Southeast Asian cities in May.

“Since a long time ago I’ve been wanting to try and do many things. Not that I’m jealous or what; if there is a chance, that is. Been always awaiting. In the past, I was only concerned with stubbornly forcing it to happen, but it’s different now. I will tend to discuss with the people around me and make adjustments. While I try to make compromises, I also get to learn things that I didn’t know. So, do I look like an adult now?”

Album [My girl] is a turning point for his solo activities. Beginning since last year, he’s been perplexing over his stage and couldn’t find an idea. He who wanted to then let known of his impactful starting-out with that as a powerful dance song. However, the direction to go towards at was going round in circles. It was eventually concluded that the foremost priority is to have a stage that is simple and yet comfortable to listen to, which is how you can expand your audiences range. After a long period of perplexion, dance song [Girl] was thus arranged to be first released, whilst [oH! aH!] was laterwards selected to be his title song, which has to itself a popular melody which appeals to the audiences.

“[Girl] which emphasizes on the ‘hook’ appeals to me and I like it. I just needa show my desire out right. But, it was suggested to me that the most necessary thing first & foremost would be to have a song with a popular melody. To have with me a song by the E-Tribe hyungs was a wise move, even when I think back about it now. I won’t let that get at my head so soon. It’s only the start right now”.

Since he has had challenged the musical stage before, Kim Hyungjun also felt that this had helped in reducing his fear to carry out solo activities alone. He’s been faithfully taking on lessons for the past one year in order to prepare for his solo activities. However he is not conceived nor satisfied at that of himself. He lowers himself and sees himself at a hard-headed level. “If possible, I’d like to be more cool-headed. Even when I look at my stages myself, I feel awkward. If so, what about others. Seems like I’ve gotta learn to be more composed and adept already. Oh, my stage? Out of a good full 100, I think only 50 marks”.

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