03/16 [trans] Message of Bae YongJoon and HyunJoong, on ‘Show Your Heart’ Campaign

Japanese to English translation by Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

Bae Yong Joon (Actor)

At the news of Japan’s big earthquake, I am very much concerned about people’s safety struck by the disaster.

I would like to fully agree with a meaningful proposal made by GACKT with whom, we had a a charity event “ Message to Asia “in December.

I assume that the people living in the disaster area are now suffering under the unimaginable situation. I hope that our heart will arrive at all of you and will be of some help for you.

I sincerely hope that all of you will be back to a life you can spend in peace as soon as possible.


Kim Hyun Joong (Singer)

At the news of the earthquake, I am struck by surprise and much concerned about the situation. While I am looking for what I can do, I came to know about GACKT ssi’s great proposal. I would like to express my full agreement with him

I believe that even a small force of one person, we can be big together and support the people under the disaster


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