03/13 [news] G.O, LeeJoon, HyungJun “ugliest person close his eyes~ who closes then?”

Credit to: Star Mk + Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)


Group MBLAQ’s G.O. disclosed a photo taken with SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun who has recently made a comeback with his solo album, and his group member Lee Joon, thereby attracting attention.

G.O. on the 13th, uploaded a photo on his Twitter together with the caption “One Two Three, The ugly person closes eyes? The photo that was disclosed shows the faces of G.O. with his own group member Lee Joon as well as SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun.

The photo reveals the deep friendship between the 3 persons. In the photo only Lee Joon closed his eyes, hence evoking laughter from the other two.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ has attended MBC 50th Anniversary Korean Music Wave Concert on the 12th. Kim Hyung Jun’s popularity recently skyrocketed with his solo mini album title track ‘oH aH?

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