03/08 [trans] KyuSaeng – Hot Chili PAPER 2011 March

Source: Hot Chili PAPER 2011 March
Scanned by: My Baby You naver 블로그
Korean translation: rmdkdl
Chinese translation: 玉米的抱枕&Y’summer @ 水之蓮生許永生中文網(www.princesaeng.cn)
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

YoungSaeng Part Translation


YoungSaeng and KyuJong who sign their contract with their new company last year October, starting from last year end, held their fan meeting at Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and other places, starting their solo activities, and will start selling their [YoungSaeng & KyuJong 1st Private DVD and Photo Book ‘Summer and Love’] on 14 April in Japan. On 22 January, they held their DVD commemorative fan meeting in Shibuya CC Lemon Hall.

Starting the event with duet ‘Because I am stupid, the fan meeting comprised of video clip broadcasting, talk time, answering of fans question and etc. In some video clips in the DVD showing in Mini drama format, there were scenes which YoungSaeng was humming ‘All My Love’ (Japan 2nd album main title song), while giving out yellow roses as present to fans. However it was entirely different in real live as compare to what had acted, YoungSaeng said while smiling. saying shyly: “This is not what I am good in’.

After singing ‘I love you… I am sorry…’ (OST for ‘Will it snow on Christmas?’), YoungSaeng exposed, “The behind the scene of the DVD was very funny, because couldn’t catch the sad feelings, had even sang till off tune, for the 1st time, had actually sweat because of singing ballad song.”. The event venue immediately fill with loud laughters. Finally, YoungSaeng sang SS501 ‘Love Like This’, his perfect voice made all audience lost their mind and mesmerized. YoungSaeng’s fan service continue even after the event. After the fan meeting had completed, immediately followed by the pre-scheduled high five event.

At the start of the spring will start selling his solo album, as a singer, actor and other area hope to have some achievement. Felt his ambition, YoungSaeng who is standing in the new starting point, allow us to keep in anticipation.

Q: The DVD was finished filming in Philippines Pomo Island. If going on your own, which seaside you wish to go?
YS: This is the first time going to Pomo Island, was not familiar with seasides…. so sea at any side will be alright (laugh)

Q: What’s your most deepest impression memory about sea?
YS: The time when SS501 members and Lee Hyori noona went together. In my memory, at night time we went to the seaside and have a very happy time playing on that time.

Q: Going to release your solo album, what is the concept of your album?
YS: The concept of this album is… ‘Heo YoungSaeng’s transformation’ (Laugh). Want to let everybody feel ‘Wow~ so it is like this?” kind of thinking.

Q: What is the music style of the songs? When in the group, YoungSaeng can express the feelings of the song most, can we anticipate any self composed song?
YS: There’s no song composed by myself… currently is still not very capable, will not challenge self composed song.

Q: What about dance song? In the fan meeting, the ‘Love Like This’ combining with dance was very charming.
YS: Saying about transforming, should be to challenge dance song?

Q: Currently is in the same company as Lee Hyori. If there is chance to release album together, what type of song do you wish to work together?
YS: Last time in concert, there’s precedence of singing together. However, Lee Hyori noona direction is towards sexy dance, want to have that kind of matching dance, after other people listen, will feel like combine performance of Madonna and Justin Timberlake.

Q: Among SS501 song, which is the most satisfying song?
YS: Personally most like ‘All My Love’. This is the 1st time SS501 challenge accapella, like its rhythm.

Q: Once of this days when SS501 group together again, wish to sing what type of song?
YS: At the time will wish to sing ‘All My Love’, Until now still have no chance to sing live…

Q:- What will you worry about other SS501 members? Or, do you worry about whether your solo activities will go smoothly?
YS: It is a lie if I say I am not worried. Hope everybody will go through everything smoothly. JungMin is the first to release his solo album, sincerely wished that he will successfully accomplished everything. Similarly, I will also continue to work hard for the success of my solo album.

In this DVD, YoungSaeng tried his acting skill for the first time. When asked about places of recommendation, he said: “The selling point is we challenge acting a short movie for the first time, and also the beautiful sceneries. Although was a little not familiar in acting, but hope everybody will enjoy it happily. Because of the role setup, therefore in actual fact acting is very hard.” During the tour, both of them fall in love with a girl. KyuJong started to court the girl aggressively, while YoungSaeng just quietly love secretly, because YoungSaeng was not like this in the real life, therefore it was difficult to act. The followings are questions about acting and love.

Q: In future if taking up challenge in acting, wish to act in what kind of role?
YS: Role that fit my image. Rather than role that is heavy, more wish to try roles which is cheerful and relax.

Q: Currently is filming the 2nd part of the DVD, wish to include what kind of content?
YS: In the 2nd part, wish to film the look when acting in TV.

Q: This time, both of you are having performance together, what kind of person do you think KyuJong is?
YS: KyuJong is a person which is good in taking care of people and very passionate. But he is too into taking care of person. Sometimes will think whether he is really not ambitious and don’t have desire.

Q: KyuJong revealed on stage: “YoungSaeng hyung is the type which is very aggressive during love relationship.” While YoungSaeng’s answer was: “Because I was not so understanding like KyuJong, so will choose to give way.” Is it really like this in actual fact?
YS: Is not really very aggressive during love relationship. Just more well verse in giving love consultation. Everytime when consulting/guiding others, most agreed to what I say. Just that for my own love relationship it is nothing, but when consulting other I am very well verse, so everybody call me the Love Professor.

Q: Currently not into any love relationship?
YS: Currently have no intention to have girl friend. Wish to do well in my work.

Q: During the fan meeting, felt “really never know there are so many noona fans and ajumma fans”, although don’t speak much, but still won’t the girls’ heart, definitely is the Love Professor. “Really very popular among older fans. Younger fans will usually go to support in free performances, while older fans will always go to concert and buy more albums. I rely on these fans to maintain.”
YS: Is there really a lot of noona fans and ajumma fans? People around me said my fans are young children~ Although not saying that there are not older fans, but think there’s not many. (Smile)

Q: Then ‘Love Professor’, please talk about a girl that you meet recently or the thruth of love relationship.
YS: The truth that I recently discovered about girls? Why do you think I know about this? (Cry)

Q: Because during the broadcast you ever said: “Comparing to gentle man, ladies like bad boy more”.
YS: Girls really like bad boy. Recently it is acted like this in drama. In drama ‘Man in Cold City”, the lead actress like the charming and cold man. (Smile)

Q: Really learn a lot. But why after fan meeting change the High five session to shake hand?
YS: Feel a little shy to high five with 1500 people. (Sweat) Fans should be happy to shake hand right…

Q: Saw you turning your arms in between, was not because of fatigue right?
YS: No. “Not because of very tired” but really very tired. (Everybody burst into laughter) you can go have a try.

Q: Other than Tokyo, have cook during other fan meeting. Next time when in Japan, what kind of dish will you make?
YS: I personally like ramen, so was thinking wether to make ramen.

Q: During the Hong Kong fan meeting you wore leopard stripe costume attractive everyone’s attention. You personally like leopard costume right?
YS: That had created attention? Why I didn’t know. (Sweat) Personally I don’t prefer animal stripe patterned costume.

Q: Young Saeng love photography. If releasing your own photograph book, hope to include what kind of photo in it?
YS: I wish to combine the photographs taken during travelling to form a photobook. Then for each photo will write caption or diary, to share my feeling while looking at the item and also to convey my observation and thoughts. I wish to release this kind of photobook (collection).

Q: Using you as model for the photo book?
YS: I think for the photobook using myself as model, just need photographs in the album is enough.

Q: In twitter, has show your attention to Fcuz Lee U, how to you know him?
YS: We graduated from the same school. Know him since primary. About 2 years ago, met coincidentally when drinking… He is a very kind and good brother, after that become more close.

Q: Finally talk about YounSaeng in 3 yrs time. Wish to turn into what?
YS: Whether will become a top star during that time? Although felt a little shy but have this kind of thought.


KyuJong Part

Magazine scans by: My Baby You naver 블로그
Japanese to Chinese translation: yudingdong_198 @ Tieba Baidu SS501
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


KyuJong who went to various countries with YoungSaeng for their fan meeting tour, during the January Japan fan meeting, towards the question: “Just like in the story in the schedule to be released DVD, what will you do if both of you fall in love in the same girl?”, KyuJong’s answer is: “Will not say about my feelings and silently end it.” When the mother fan who mentioned that both daughter-mother are his fans and passionately proposed: “Please marry my daughter who is still in secondary”, KyuJong gave fans his polite answer which fans anticipated: “Age and love doesn’t matter, firstly please work hard in studies, until your daughter become a great adult, hope to meet again.”

As the special gift for fans, KyuJong specially perform magic which he is an expert. Before the magic performance, reading silently “2011 has a lot of good things”, gesturing heart sign to fans being picked on stage. Because can felt the calm and elegant look, sometime felt that he is older than YoungSaeng who was standing beside him, KyuJong seemed to think like this, and mentioned to fans: “Do you thin I am more elder? Although YoungSaeng is hyung, but seemed like I looked more like one” kind of word. KyuJong’s this year’s theme is ‘acting’. We have an interview with KyuJong who is passionate about bring an actor.

Q: The DVD is film in Philippines Pomo Island, please talk about the sea.
Kyu: No matter where is the sea, will feel happy, the sea is really good. (Smile) In my impression there’s many sea in different places. When going to Kangwondo with SS501 members, running and chasing in the seaside at night; Filming with members in America sea. Also to film a program, went to work in a restaurant call “House of the sea” at Chiba seaside. (Smile)

Q: What kind of person is YoungSaeng in KyuJong eyes?
Kyu: First impression is “Although looked charming but feel very cold”. Even when being mistaken also won’t talk. However once spending time more, turned into “This person is a really deep person” kind of thought. Although seldom talk, but towards person who first met will be more tactful and will be careful in speech, is a very cool person. After getting closer, discover that not only is a person who will bring lots of happiness but also a person that will think for others. YoungSaeng hyung who sing very well no matter when will always said “I don’t sing well”…. really very humble! Most charming when singing! (Smile)

Q: There’s a movie clip showing you massaging YoungSaeng, you are good in massaging?
Kyu: Although don’t know whether consider good, but like to massage for others. Always massage my parents and hyung which are closed to me! After completed, when heard them saying it is very comfortable, will feel very happy.

Q: If there’s 2nd DVD, where and how do you want it to be filmed?
Kyu: How about acting as a singer? To me it is a very big present, my memories could also be portray in another style, will work even harder. After going through interview, failure, and getting a chance to participate in recording, finally debut….. while showing happiness smile, at the same time showing the image of becoming a great artist after few years…. if can film this kind of process, really wish to (smile)

Q: KyuJong is a person that will easily sweat, when filming in Philippines, have problem with make up melting very fast because of sweating, felt very tiring right. What about in daily life? For example, when hold on a girl hand and having the uneasiness of sweating.
Kyu: There are no incident of sweating and holding hands at the same time. However, when I am alone in the car and feel hot, really very uneasy. However, there’s also a good side. In the suana, can sweat very fast!

Related to acting in the DVD, “When acting alone, will be more natural. When together with YoungSaeng hyung, will felt a little shy.” It is just a matter of not enough experience and also the most worth watching point. Because too engross, will have opposite effect. For example, YoungSaeng mentioned about this kind of interesting thing. “In the DVD, there were scenes which both of us high five before playing seaside volley ball, KyuJong was to engross in the act and rushed fiercely at me, and hit the face. Really very painful. Get the OK for the scene because of that condition. If look at the DVD carefully, can see that actually I was very painful.” Seems like he wanted to use this as his future actual acting activity. After few years time, after training, when able to perform naturally things that wish to perform, this DVD will become a treasure.

Q: In future, is there any role which you wish to act in? Like which movie and which role in a drama.
Kyu: Recently seen ‘Petty Romance’ by Lee Seon Kyun and Choi Kang Hee, really like Lee Seon Kyun’s role. Also like to try ‘The Chaser’ and ‘The Supernatural’ kind of role in movie. Then, also want to try the role which Ha Jung Woo acted in ‘My Dear Enemy’! When thinking really felt very greedy… haha, fighting!! (Smile)

Q: When filimg the DVD, do you have any thoughts of “I am not suitable to be an actor” kind of thought for a moment?
Kyu: “….fighting!”

Q: SS501 leader Kim HyunJoong has successfully perform his acting activity, (KyuJong) towards other members activities, are you worried?
Kyu: Of course will be worried. No matter what has been looking after each others over this long period. When see the member performing, will know whether is nervous, has what kind of problem (smile). However, they are very experience, definitely can do well. HyunJoong hyung’s drama, JungMin’s first album, and HyungJun’s musical. YoungSaeng is preparing new album! Looking at everybody like this, will think that I do not want to loose out to the other members.

Q: Of all the SS501 songs, which is your favourite?
Kyu: For our song, most like songs which will convey a message. Because able to feel the pain which everybody expressed. ‘Wings of the World’, ‘Confession’, ‘Sometime’, ‘Because I am stupid’, ‘Just one day’ and ‘Again’ etc, also always listening currently. ‘Sky’ when listening will felt warmth in my heart and like it very much.

Q: During the fan meeting magic performance, used red roses, however when on stage fans has suggested to use orchid. If able to perform magic for all kinds of flower, most wish to be what flower?
Kyu: Yellow roses

Q: What other type of magic you are good in?
Kyu: There are still a few more perfected magic, if there’s chance will show to everybody! Because learning magic during secondary time, so the ability has deteriote. (Cry)

Q: Will you be passive in love relationship? During fan meeting heard rumours of KyuJong is a shy person….
Kyu: Rather than saying is a person that is active in love relationship, might as well said is a person which is passive. But feel that recently have turned more positive. (Smile)

Q: What will you react if meet a person you like?
Kyu: When meeting a person I like, will first try to understand each other gradually

Q: Do you have any encounter of love in first sight?
Kyu: If such thing happen, will try to talk to her to know more about her. Not just limited to love relationship, when meeting new friends will also do this. If really think that “this is the person”, will do like this and will do everything well! In love relationship and also with friend.

Q: In HyunJoong’s ‘We Got Married’, have once match made with Wonder Girls YooBin. Was really shy during that time and left a deep impression to others. Do you still keep in contact now?
Kyu: After that has no chance to meet again, also has not keep in contact. Because was very busy, after filming had not meet again.

Q: KyuJong always said “My ideal type is Oh SeJung’…
Kyu: “My ideal type is Oh SeJung’, until now has not change. Like gentle, exceptional, and a little bit blur type of girl

Q: You are from JeonJu right, do you go back very often?
Kyu: Always go back to hometown. When feeling very lonely in Seoul, will cancel all plans and go home, meeting with friends in my hometown, go back to my parents home. Only at that moment, will have the normal (Kim KyuJong in human world) live. Can don’t think of anything, say anything. (Everytime also) at the moment when reaching home town, felt very excited, but will not stay for very long. Because if stay for very long, will not want to go back (Seoul), so will try to go back early.

Q: Talk about your solo activity in future.
Kyu: Firstly wish to learn a lot of things. Because feeling that from the start until now, has been running forward, now wanted to rest for a while. Listening to a lot of music which haven’t listen before, watch a lot of movie which haven’t watched, while learning and practicing acting skill and preparing for album. Working hard towards the goal of when other heard of Kim KyuJong will said “He is really very good”.

Q: Finally, what is your dreams in future?
Kyu: Music producer. Music is a friend that bring me until here, is a friend that make me cry and laugh. Although still have a lot of things that are not matured enough and is still learning, but from now on will definitely want to live together with music.

KyuJong ended the interview with his signature “Written by J.Dream”. J.Dream is his pen name which he used when composing. And also left a message with a deep meaning — “Although has schedule to focus this year main activity on acting, but music is root.” With a goal as a producer, in order to show more ability chosen the route as an actor. This is definitely not a decision based on easy choice.

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