03/05 [news] SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Completes Debut Album Showcase

Credits: VITALSIGN@Allkpop
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On March 5th, SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun held his debut showcase, “1st Solo Mini Album Showcase,” at the Gaya Theater in Seoul.

Fellow member Park Jung Min and younger brother Kim Ki Bum attended the event in support of his solo debut, and watched on as he proceeded to perform his title track, “oH! aH!,” amongst other songs, as well as unveil his music video for the first time.


Through a short press conference with reporters, Kim Hyung Jun revealed his plans for his future activities, as well as the meaning of his album.

He explained that although “My Girl” seemed like a song about love, the album’s overall message was meant to express his desire to become closer with his fans. Kim Hyung Jun stated, “I know that working solo is hard, but it was thanks to the fans that were always there shouting for me and looking for me that I was able to choose this path, knowing that it will be difficult.”


His mini album will drop on March 8th, which will be followed by a large-scale promotion covering all of Asia.

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