03/05 [news] Park JungMin attended Kim HyungJun Showcase, Shows off their ‘Goosebump Affection’?

Credits : SSTV + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com




Park JungMin attended Kim HyungJun’s showcase, showing his loyalty.

Kim HyungJun held his first mini album ‘My Girl’ showcase in the afternoon on 5-Mar, at Gaia Theatre, ChungJung-ro, Seoul.

In the showcase, Kim HyungJun released his title song ‘oH! aH!’ and other new songs as well as music videos. SS501 member Park JungMin and Kim HyungJun’s brother, KiBum also attended which graced the showcase even more.

After the showcase ended, Kim HyungJun conveyed his thoughts in the press conference “I was very nervous as I have prepared this first solo album for a long time. I will work hard to show an image of a rookie singer Kim HyungJun who returned as solo.”

Kim HyungJun said about his first solo activity “I knew it is different from the times I did activities with SS501 members and now doing activities alone. There are also many difficult things, but because the members who were always by my side were not around me now, I have to handle it alone and now I’ve overcome the difficulties.”

He continued, saying his thankfulness towards his members, “The members gave me lots of support through (telephone) calls. They encouraged me and told me to work hard in the name of SS501.”

Kim HyungJun’s first mini album ‘My Girl’ is about the yearnings towards love, and the basic overall message of his album is conveying that Kim HyungJun would like to reach out a helping hand towards his fans.

Kim HyungJun will release his album locally on 8-Mar and will engage into his promotional activities in Asia regions.

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