03/02 [news] Park Jung Min Would like to challenge Jolin Tsai.

Source: Taiwan Yahoo!奇摩
Chinese to English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Korean idol group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, recently came to Taiwan to promote his new solo album, at Aziotv station’s [Let’s Be Friends (Taiwan Variety Show hosted by Mickey Huang)] Jung Min said confidently on the show, that he wanna try Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai’s stunt where she was dangling herself on 2 huge rings in high altitude during her Asia Concert tour.

In order to break into the Chinese market, Park Jung Min has been seriously learning his chinese, he showed off his chinese fluently during the show, making Mickey Huang almost forgotten that he is a Korean singer, nearly used mandarin to interview him. Park Jun Min even sang Emil Chau’s “Friends”, Leslie Cheung’s “Chase” and William Wei Li An’s “Yes Or No”. As there are only 3 words (Yes or No) in the lyrics for “Yes or No” chorus, Mickey Huang directly praised [Wow, you really memorised the lyrics so well!]

He was asked which artistes’ skills in Taiwan entertainment circle does he want to challenge with, Park Jung Min even answered that he wish to try the stunt (dangling herself on 2 huge rings in high altitude) which Jolin Tsai did during her concert performance, and he said confidently that in his previous concerts he has already tried standing at a high altitude, so he is quite confident in challenging Jolin.

Park Jung Min even said that since young till now he has always been handsome, he has always been given chocolates since elementary school till his drawers are all full of them, makes him felt troubled not knowing what to do, and because he only gave a gift in return to one of the girls, causing outrage from everyone, thus he had no choice but to give everyone.

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