03/02 [diary] KyuJong at TOK

Credits : SS501.DSPenter.com + SS601 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



*read bottom up
Hello hello~~heehee It was fun!! See you again everyone~~~
Pretties.. I am rattling on and on by myself here today..^^
Instead, don’t be complaining or be too stressed up!!~~ Let’s enjoy always~~
If you smile always, you won’t realise how precious that smile is ^^ heehee!!
I sincerely pray and hope for you to be filled with happiness ^^ !! Enjoy the pain that comes sometimes!!
Heard this very late isn’t it?!! Hahaha…Sorry..^^ Hmhm!! Anyways!! Always!! Always!!
This song keeps ringing in my ears today, and pretties came to my mind..!! So I came here like this~
That is one line from our ALL MY LOVE song..^^
Hold even tighter forver to the dream that will be starting in the future..
I will not fall. Give me one light from the shinning overflowing night sky
I wish it is the same miracle in the world that I was born into.. Forever into the continuous future too *not too sure abt this
I really wanted to say this to many of you who wished me happy birthday!! Thank you ^^
Always spend your each and everyday filled with laughters, I am thinking of this..!!
I wanted to write message but maybe my computer is having some trouble..the message wasn’t posted so I came here after such a long time^^
Hello pretties..!! It’s already March..^^ Is everyone doing well according to your new year resolutions?!!

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