03/01 [trans] SS501 Maknae Kim HyungJun going out his first step

Source: http://telzone.daum.net/risingstar/interview/detail
Chinese translation: ¶¹×Ó hæ¤ ¹û¶³ δÑë @ 870803.net
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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9th talk: Group idol solo new start!
SS501 maknae Kim HyungJun going out his first step

Q: Kim HyungJun-ssi, long time didn’t met, what have you been doing all this while?
A: Although don’t have any album activities, but was performing for musical ‘Cafe-In’, and also working on the forming of the pro-gamer team. Not as a singer but using my time and chance to challenge other area. The challenge of being a musical actor is really interesting, and has very good experience, but because of the performance schedule and also personal practice, almost had very little time to rest. This mini album was also producing concurrently together with the musical performance.

Q: Not as SS501 Kim HyungJun but as solo singer Kim HyungJun releasing your 1st album, how is your feeling?
A: Until now, had been performing as SS501 group member, solo activities is certainly not an easy task. Responsible of everything alone, thinking of everything alone. Everything have to be done alone, seems like there must have all kinds of challenges in my life originally. However, the kind of excitement for starting (activity) alone and the nervousness of standing alone on stage co-existed in my heart, it was just like during the trainee period, the excitement and nervousness during the debut, 1st time stepping on stage, now this feeling is even deeper, this is my growth and drive force to move forward. Until today, I have been working diligently just like when I am in SS501, there are still a lot of fans giving me support during my solo activities, therefore will definitely show even better side to everybody in my solo activities! Hope to be together with everybody, then will definitely do well.

Q: Your New album is going to release. Please introduce.
A: Because it is my first solo album releasing using my name, so when producing this album, was very worried of the music direction. Until now, the styles and genre are different from other songs, had tried all types of style, had been worrying non-stop thinking of a unique style, until finally found E-tribe and Rado to produce the music together. Producing songs which I wanted and satisfied of and with a charming style.

Also, in this album, have put in a lot of effort in order to bring out my own personal image, showing my distinctive voice, in order to show even better masculine charm, has put in a lot of effort on the choreography, will have changes comparing with the previous style, please try to find out about it!

Q: Is there any special incident during the preparation of the album?
A: Em… special incident… First of all, now could only remember I have put in a lot of time to digest the album preparation. Musical OST recording, dance practices, vocal practices and etc. For this album sales, has even included filming schedule and fan meeting in Japan, doing everything simultaneously. Physically tired and weary but enjoyed everything. All these were the happy process when I am preparing for the album, will get more force like this, right? ^^

Q: How’s your normal life? Do you have any free time?
A: There is nothing special, although the living pattern is different from others, normally will also work, from there took out some time to relax. When resting, most prefer to stay at home, is trying hard to spend time together with my family members which I treasured most.

Em.. Recently if it is something more special, has interest in making Plastic models. Once I have time will start to assemble, in a very short period concentrating in assembling. After completed, will feel very contented looking at the final model. Very great! In the future, during my free time, I will like to concentrate in learning to make music. Has been wanting to learn to compose all this while, in my next solo album, will want to have my personal composition, the real Kim HyungJun style song. Cool! Really very contented. Will work hard to let others experience it, please keep in anticipation.

Q: Not long ago held a fan meeting and showcase in Japan, how’s the responses?
A: First, really very happy and thankful! It was a very enjoyable experience. Starting from fans who welcome me in the Japan Airport, and also fans who had been watching me on stage during the event, really thankful for you. Ah! The fan that left the deepest impression, although not feeling well, had been staying on till the end, until sending me off the event venue. Seeing their look, I am really touched. Could feel the heart and thoughts of the fans, and made a decision in my heart, “Must put in all effort to strive hard for Japan activities!”

Q: For the upcoming South Korea showcase, how do you feel?
A: Just like the meaning included in “Putting on the first button is most important”, cannot determine a lot of thing during the start. So at certain level felt a little burden. Although will feel like this during SS501 debut, but now I am alone, putting on the first button of my life, so while exciting is also nervous. The most excited part is to be able to see my fans!! Because they are my friends which I have most wanted to see during this period. During this activities will still be together right? ^^ I think it is because of fans then there’s me now.

Q: Will also make your ‘solo debut’ in Japan, please talk about your feelings and plans.
A: Last time during SS501 period had done a lot of activities in Japan. From now on, since it is my solo activities, whether will be able to fulfill the anticipation of the fans? When thinking about this will be nervous and a little fear. However, is full of anticipation of going back to Japan once again. Seen the fans during the 19th February showcase, had gained some courage. In Japan, via Avex, will have concurrent album sales and showcases during April, will also participate in TV activities and has plans for performances.

Q: Determination of future activities! What is Kim HyungJun’s direction?
A: As long as won’t hurt my health/body, will want to show more. First of all, will work hard to be a singer as a whole, and also just like challenging in the area of musical will want to try going into other direction. Each of you who are watching me, listening to my music, if you feel the joy because of me, I will work even harder to show all that I can perform, and also using now as a start.


Everything that HyungJun own, referencing to his thought, style, trying hard to improve and show out. Have been through the musical, it is very fun. Please anticipate of Kim HyungJun as an actor. No matter in acting, MC and other areas, I will also enjoy, and also want to allow those who are watching to be entertained. Happy and blissful actor Kim HyungJun! In future will also become Kim HyungJun who always smiling brightly, everybody also always smiling. Using positive glaze, look at me. Please have lots of anticipation for my new solo album, and give me more care and affection. Thank you. ^^

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