03/01 [trans] Park Jung Min on Taipei Walker Magazine ( March Issue)

Credit: as on pics
Chinese to English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
Please repost with credits



From the time Park Jung Min stepped into the hotel room which was prepared for his interview with the media, suddenly the whole atmosphere became unusual, he is very cordial, greeted and shook hands with us, then he used the Mandarin that he had learnt and said very seriously [How are You?], [Happy to see you], [teach me chinese] so that he can [chat] with us, cordial and charming manner, making the atmosphere like a very joyful gathering.

While sitting on the sofa, he displayed his charming self, one side using Korean to communicate with his korean counterparts, on the other hand, he used Mandarin to communicate with us, he is not afraid to use his limited knowledge in mandarin, trying his best to communicate with everyone, when the camera stopped for a while, he used his fluent chinese to say [I want to take a look.] After the camera-man said that his pose is good, Jung Min said in chinese [Thank You!] happily without any airs.

As the 1st SS501 member to launch his solo album, Jung Min said that his feelings is just like the title of his album “NOT ALONE”, cos with the companion of his fans and co-workers, he does not feel lonely, [At first I am a little nervous about my solo activities, but due to the strengths given by the fans and co-workers, always supporting me by my side, so of course I dont feel lonely.] Jung Min say that although members have their own work, and they cant meet up with one another, but they still encourage one another via Twitter, and when Jung Min was having his Fanmeeting in Seoul, Hyung Jun also went there to spur him on.

Coming to Taiwan for a few times, asked him what is his impression towards Taiwan, he said [Very hot.] After which he explained that cos Korea is very cold, so as compared to Taiwan, Taiwan is hotter, [Thus Taiwanese are all passionate.] In his heart, what is Jung Min’s impression towards his Taiwan fans? [Passionate! Taiwan girls knows how to dress up and make up, I feel that they know how to take care of themselves.] Anywhere he wish to go? He said [ I went to 101 Building during my last visit here, this time I would like to hot springs and massage if there is time.]

In his 1st solo mini album “NOT ALONE”, Jung Min participate in the composing of the melody and lyrics, asked him where is his source of inspiration, he said [when I heard the melody, the lyrics just naturally comes out just like that.] To promote his new album, he shed off 12kg, hoping to look more perfect, speaking of his weight-loss process, Jung Min said in Mandarin without any the help of the translator [I go to the gym twice daily, ate chicken breast meat everyday, and had massage in moderation.] so as to keep his physique perfect.

During the interview, a few times when I was asking questions, Jung Min directly answer me without the help of translator, most of the time he will answer in korean, but sometimes, he will answer in mandarin, asked him what mandarin he spoke the best? He counted 1, 2, 3 to 10 seriously, asked him to give his 5 most attractive parts of himself, he said [SEXY] for 5 times, making everyone laughed.

This time his main task coming to Taiwan is for his “2011 Park Jung Min Because Of You NOT ALONE Showcase & Fan Party”, Jung Min stated that because of this fanmeeting, he spent a lot of time and effort to prepare, attracting more than 2000 fans attending, although the weather was very cold, but it doesnt diminished the enthusiasim of the fans, and he specially prepared to sing William Wei Li An’s “Yes or No” to present to the Taiwan fans. During the fanmeeting Jung Min played a lot of games happily with the fans, have close contacts with them which make the fans screamed non-stop, and during the “Chinese Sentence Construction” segment, he also wrote every word and sentence on the white board himself which displayed his strength in Mandarin.

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