02/25 [news] Drama ‘Playful Kiss’ will start its broadcasts throughout Asia

Source:TV Daily
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ lovekimhyunjoong.com
Please repost with full credit


‘Playful Kiss’ is now preparing to air next month on the 5th of March in the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan on the 17th of March on Japan Fuji TV. As such, this is expected to start off another hallyu wave.

Ever since the start of ‘Playful Kiss’ broadcast in Taiwan on the 27th of december, this has opened up the Asian market, resulting in ‘Playful Kiss’ grabbing the position of having the top viewership ratings continuously.In Thailand, the Philippines and other Asian countries, ‘Playful Kiss’ has established high viewership ratings never seen before in these countries.

On the 13th of March, Kim Hyun Joong, Jung so Min and Lee Tae Sung will be making an appearance at Tokyo NHK Hall in order to meet the fans, as well as to perform for them.

With tickets selling out so quickly, fans who are unable to get a ticket will be able to watch the live broadcast of this event in 12 theatres in Japan.

‘Playful Kiss’ is the first in history to release a special edition, and the first one to achieve a global audience of 15 million. In addition, Playful Kiss will be aired in 10 other Asian countries as well.

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