02/24 [news] Coupang, Kim HyunJoong & Lee NaYoung model for terrestrial TV advertisement

Source: http://www.eto.co.kr/news/outview.asp?Code=20110224105558750&ts=111848
Chinese translation: xinhm @ http://www.hyunjoongchina.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Social commerce company Coupang (Representative Kim BeomSeok http://www.coupang.com) employed Kim HyunJoong, Lee NaYoung to be their advertisement model for terrestrial TV advertisement.

On the 24th, starting from Coupang’s pre-launch advertisement, more series of advertisement are planned to be released, the advertisements made use of easy to understand and interesting storyline to present Social Commerce characteristic.

In the pre-launched advertisement, model Kim HyunJoong and Lee NaYoung become giants who are pondering the earth from the universe, this storyline increase the curiousity and excitement to the audience.

Kim BeomSeok representative said: “This advertisement is an investment for the future, it is a decision made based on the company future development strategy.” “Social commerce market is very huge, the company has determined that there’s a need to show our customer some promotion activities for Social commerce, therefore after consideration, decided to choose the most effective media to present the advertisement.”

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