02/23 [news] Park Jung Min Lives Up To His Reputation, Maintains Skin Very Well

Source: news.chinatimes.com
Chinese to English Translation: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Korean group SS501, Park Jung Min has left Taiwan on 22 Feb. 200 over fans were at the airport to bid him farewell. The day before, he had an interview with CHANNEL[V] show “Love JK” hosted by Ken Wu. Proud of his flower boys looks, other than his natural beauty, he also spend money to maintain his looks. [I have to work hard to earn money so as to go salon to maintain, only then my skin will be good. Got to invest in your skin.]

He said that if he sees any skincare products which are good, he is willing to spend the money to buy them. [It’s a must to use good cosmetic products, and it is important to remove your make-up after that] As his skin is prone to be sensitive, thus he will always bring eye masks, ear plugs, moisturiser and hand cream.

Park Jung Min’s standard of Chinese is not bad, his best chinese is those “chasing” girls phrase: [You are very beautiful. Can you be my girlfriend? Can I have your number?] which are very funny and interesting. CHANNEL[V] show “Love JK” hosted by Ken Wu will broadcast every Monday to Friday, at 7pm in the evening.

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