02/22 [news] SS501 member Park Jung Min held his fanmeeting session yesterday at Taiwan University, box office intake 500 thousand TWD

Source: Stars.udn.com
Chinese to English Trans: http://cllslam10.blogspot.com
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Korean group SS501 member, Park Jung Min, held his Taiwan fanmeeting in Taipei University Sports Hall for the 1st time which attracted more than 2000 fans to attend, with total box office grossed 500 thousand! Park Jung Min says in chinese 「我很性感,你们要当我的女友吗?」(I am very sexy, do you all wanna be my girlfriend?) and continued playfully 「台下都是我的女朋友。」(all the audience below are my girlfriends) making the audience screamed excitedly.

Park Jung Min other than singing his new hit song “Not Alone”, he challenge himself to sing a chinese song “Yes or No” by Taiwanese singer, William Wei Li An. Park Jung Min said [I chanced upon the song, I feel that it is nice thus I decide to choose this song to present it to the Taiwan fans] He also danced to Lotus Wang’s Taiwanese dialect remake of T-ara’s “Bo Beep”, which totally surprises the audience.

Park Jung Min not only sang his own songs, he also played games and has close contact with his fans. Lucky fans not only can let him smooth lip balm, and massage hands with moisturiser, they can also take selca with him.

At the fanmmet, they did a lucky pick of 100 fans to have “Love Hug” with him, letting the fans backstage and get up close and personal hugs with Park Jung Min. A lot of fans commented [After hugging, I dont even feel like bathing after reaching home] Park Jung Min also use chinese to say 「要来TW拍戏。」(Wanna come Taiwan to film a drama) hoping to meet the fans next time. Park Jung Min will be taking the CX 421 flight at 5.10pm back to Seoul on 22 Feb.

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