02/20 [trans] Fan Account – Why are you so charming Mal~ FM Fan Account

Credit: lateania @ http://doubles501.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

Because it is a rare (?) and also wanted to see Mal has slim down how much

So one of the day happily went to buy Mal’s FM ticket —- Last row ̄▽ ̄||
Can’t help it, the front rows has been snatch up quite early, no point if not sitting in first row……

The above is the drawing line for no important things~( ̄▽ ̄)~(_△_)~( ̄▽ ̄)~(_△_)~( ̄▽ ̄)~

Starting of course is the charming ‘Not Alone’, the dancer group is what everybody seen in the live that same model shifted over here
Today he is wearing that golden long jacket!! Extremely charming!! And his legs are very slim!!!!
But don’t know why wearing this piece he look like Kim JooWon…… ̄▽ ̄|| (*MiniUFO note: Kim JooWon – if you watch Secret Garden you sure know who he is. kekeke)

When doing the chinese writing test then know how powerful is this person’s language ability
Already can write a full sentence and don’t have any wrong words, really incredible ah ah ah ah ah
After finished writting will add on a cute drawing, no matter how I look also look like a otter face

Once coming out kept asking fans under the stage: “Do you miss me?” “Do you miss me?”
Mal~ we don’t miss your mum*, we miss you more, woowoowoo (hug tightly) [MiniUFO note: mandarin question form 吗 (ma) has the same pronunciation as mother 媽, so this fan is playing with the pronuntiation to say JungMin is missing her mum and not her. Kekeke]

Following by that is the beginning of heart breaks
First picked 10 fans up to draw, model of course is Mal, select 3 person to gift a gift.
When Mal saw everybody’s drawing, he cried and said this is not me this is not me
3rd prize Perfume one bottle, Mal specially stressed that it is a same fragrance as his, so he first spray some on himself, then spray some on the fan
2nd prize hand moisturizer (lotion), Mal personally apply…..(/‵′)/~ ╧╧
1st prize Lip balm, even this also must personally apply…….(/‵′)/~ ╧╧

You thought the heart breaks just ended? Don’t be silly child┐(─_─)┌
What behind is service that made fans gone crazy

Releasing manager’s handphone number (manager-nim why your handphone is pink colour ah ah ah ah ah?)
Let fans call on the spot, then asked to go on stage to say her love confession to Mal (My role play: Where are you ah ah ah ah ah? Why didn’t picked up my phone?)
1st crossing 10 fingers together singing ‘Everyday with you is Merry Christmas’
2nd locking 10 fingers then Mal go closer and looking her eyes for 5 seconds
3rd Ken Wu said JungMin successfully keep fit, can hold fans up like a dumb bell, so you run and jump on him then he will turn 3 rounds. What kind of service is this you say!! Keeping fit for so long is to come here to hug and turn 3 rounds!

Final is person with markings under the seat can go on stage (go on stage again! My seats don’t have marking again!! My role play: Why you don’t go out with me!!!)
Person who answer all questions correctly — Park JungMin will carry* her up to take a photo together (At this time I really want to leave the place angrily…. What kind of world is this ah (Cry)) [*MiniUFO note: carry like the way a groom carry a bride]

If there’s chance everybody please definitely must attend FM this kind of activity
Will be able to understand how much effort an artist do for his fans
Mal today almost mentioned ‘I love you’ ‘For my fans’ almost 200 times
But remember to bring your role play out…. else even if you wear like Kim TaeHi no matter what lucky draw also won’t have your turn〒△〒

P/S: At the end was too angry totally forgotten about there will be chinese song, singing Wei Li An’s 「有沒有」 (Meaning: Have or not)
Don’t ask me whether have chinese song or not, the song name is ‘Have or not’ ah ah ah
His singing is quite nice, but I still like Mal singing Korean( ̄▽ ̄)σ

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