02/20 [news] Kim HyungJun charmed 3,000 fans in Japan, Transformed successfully from SS501 to Solo “When is it in Korea?”

Credits : j_rose1123@newsen.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com



Kim HyungJun, who gained lots of love as a member of SS501, successfully sent flares for his solo debut.

With his upcoming solo album to be released in March, Kim HyungJun successfully held an album showcase cum fan meeting in conjunction with the commemoration of the establishment of his Japan official fan club on 19-Feb in Tokyo Japan.

About 3,000 Japan fans attended this event in order to see Kim HyungJun, confirming his popularity.

In the first part of the event is the establishment of the Japan official fan club, they spent time talking about incidents as musical ‘Cafe in’ main actor, watching special making videos as well as question and answer time with the fans. The second part is presented as an album sale commemoration showcase where Kim HyungJun showed his passionate performance and masculine charisma.

In addition, one representative at the fan meeting said about the atmosphere there, “He prepared for a performance where to sang to Japan’s famous group EXILE’s ‘Tada Aitakutae’ and received even greater response. Kim HyungJun’s SS501 ‘U R Man’ performance also moved the Japan fans.”

A representative from Kim HyungJun’s Japan agency AVEX attended this event and said “‘Fantastic’ is the word to describe the 4 hours performance. I really admire HyungJun’s stage attitude. Even though I have listened to some of the songs, Kim HyungJun’s solo album will have megahits from both Korea and Japan, this special solo album is worth anticipating.” He praises generously, adding on more anticipation towards his album.

Representative from his Korea agency S-Plus said “We finished the showcase performance in Japan successfully. We will be preparing for Kim HyungJun’s solo album official showcase in Korea soon. We will gradually announce the schedules for Korea, Japan, as well as Asia Tour.”

Asia’s love Kim HyungJun has heated up Japan with one performance. Breaking free from the shadows of SS501, he captured attention of many people on his return as a solo singer.

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