02/19 [news] Petition to Preserve SS501 Fan Page Circulating Online

Credits to Hongki’s Twitter & Daum Agora “SS601 Fans Opposed To Closure” + sarahsusiepak@allkpop
Please credit properly when reposting.


F.T. Island’s Hongki recently retweeted a post by a fan about a petition to keep SS501’s fan page alive.

Although the SS501 members have gone their separate ways after their contracts expired, the members have promised on a number of occasions that they would regroup to perform at some point in the future. However, the SS501 fanclub, known as SS601, is faced with closure, with the page officially shutting down on February 28th.

As such, some fans have gotten together and created a petition to keep “the cornerstone of SS501 fans” from disappearing. So far, nearly 500 people have signed the petition.




Credits to http://www.ss601.com/zeroboard/ + (Partial English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

I have to clarify cos allkpop made it sound like the closure of 601 is because of SS501 going solo.

Pardon me for not going to translate word by word..

First of all, you have to know how SS601.com works.

Their admin changes yearly. You have to be of a certain (high) level of membership as well as to be voted by the other members in order to be nominated to be the next admin.

So the 6th administrators had problems finding their successor for this site.
Through a 6 months search and even lowering their requirements, all the members whom they contact rejected their offer for the admin position due to personal matters. They only managed to find ONE.

Since it’s tough for only 1 admin to maintain the website, and 601 has to be maintained as objective as possible, they do not want to be biased towards any one member now that the boys gone solo.

Anyway, this situation has been known for awhile since they started out looking for the 7th admin candidates. They said it before that if they cannot find any, 601 will have to close.

And sadly, this is the case now..They will officially close on 28-Feb.

Additional info you may wanna know :

SS601 clubbox will remain open for Triple S to download files, but please still adhere to the ‘no sharing/reposting’ rules.

Also they will donate their remaining funds of 607,844won to KBS1-Love Request (a charity program) under the name of ‘SS501’s fansite, SS601′.

SS601 will close on 28-Feb, all message boards will be closed for new postings, but it will remain open for reading until 31-Mar.

After 31-Mar, all message boards in SS601 will be shut down.

It’s really sad cos SS601 has been my sources of news and photos..
I religiously go to this site everyday! TT_TT
It’s like losing a home..
But really, the closure came to us like a bad hit because the boys are all solo now, 601 is like a place where we can still ‘see’ the boys together as one family..
Now I fear for the fate of Quainte too.. *touch wood* I really hope we don’t face this problem here ever..

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