02/19 [news] Park JungMin Who is Still Single wrote his lyrics based on imagination

Source: 自由时报 (http://tw.news.yahoo.com/article/url/d/a/110219/78/2momy.html)
English translation by reena29shadow@twitter.com
Lifted from: rainaftershine@wordpress+501wangja@multiply
Repost with credits

SS501 member, Park Jung Min to hold a fanmeet alone in Taiwan for the first time. Recently, he just released his solo album, wrote his own lyrics. He who have no girlfriend now said that: [When I’m writing the lyrics for love song, I can only base on my imagination.]
Eating all he wants in Taiwan, hugging fans tomorrow

Park Jung Min worked very hard to lose weight before releasing of his new album, visiting the gym, eating chicken breast meat, successfully loss 12 Kg. But when he visit Taiwan this time, he’s not avoiding good food, saying that the ‘Stir Fried Pork Intestine’ is very nice, next he wants to try ‘stew mutton’, he also receive many food from fans, he said while eating the jellies: [I really like eating those tidbits meant for small kids]

From 5 person to 1, he said that there is definitely a difference in the amount of fans, but as long as there are still fans, he will continue to sing. On the fan meeting this coming Sunday, lucky fans will get a hug from him, a gesture to thanks his fans.

He challenge on writing lyrics for his album for the first time, the song that he feel satisfied with is [Do you know]. It’s a song that describe the thoughts of a couple that met once again after breaking up. When ask if that was his experience, he said: [The lyrics is written with my imagination]

He will be coming to Taiwan to participate in drama filming wish that he can act in love comedy, he’s also welcome kissing scenes. He said: [I’ve watched many Taiwan drama, recently I’m watching [Corner With Love], it’s a very interesting show.]

Emphasize on health management. Nickname is multivitamin

He who’s always overseas, never forget about bringing along his vitamins and supplements. So Hyung Jun who’s also from SS501 gave him the nickname [Multivitamin], He said: [Not as exaggerated as before, but I will definitely bring along skin care that makes you look fresh and hand cream, when my schedule is tight, I will apply facemask.]

He will be holding an autograph session at 2pm today for 200 fans, he will also sing Chinese song that he have been practicing very hard on his fan meet.

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