02/19 [news] Jung Min will stay in Taiwan longer in May

Credits: http://www.park-jung-min.com
English Translate: mrspark@PJMIFC
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Korean group SS501 member Park Jung Min will act on Taiwanese teleplay in May, he will have a long stay in Taiwan at that period. Yesterday, he was happy to said, “I hope this teleplay can arrange many different scenic spots in order to have signtseeing.h He was refused to eat oily and fatty food for this new single NOT ALONE, but it was finished already, he canft keeping waiting to put all the dim sum from Taiwanese fans into his mouth.

He arrived at Taiwan on 17 Feb. According to the interview yesterday, he feels interesting to act in a play and confirmed to play the Taiwanese teleplay in May. He recently keeps seeing the teleplay of Show luo gCorner, with loveh in order to learn the skills. Also, he is learning Chinese too, can have simple conversion now. He said in Chinese, gLet me have a lookh when the photos were taken. He said, gItfs okay to have kiss play. He canft act in a play if he worries the reaction of his fans.h

He kept on diet and decreased 12 kg with daily exercise, refuse delicious food in order to have good looking cover of his new single. It was a very hard time for him. But he is now happy to see the dim sum sent by his fans, he said, g These are the loving from fans, I feel so touching.h and put all the foods into his mouth.

He has tried a special Taiwanese foods gŒÜX’°‰ h at night before yesterday and he put up his thumb and used Chinese to say, gDelicious!h. He told us that he needs to try the mutton chafing dish before he leaves Taiwan.

Park Jung Min will hold an autograph signing event in Ximen Ding The Red House this afternoon at 2pm, and will hold a fan party and showcase in NTU Sport Centre tomorrow night at 7 pm. About 100 tickets are remaining now, please go to ERA Ticket http://www.ticket.com.tw if you would like to buy the ticket.

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