02/18 [trans] Ways to purchase Piro Piro from overseas

Source: piropiro.co.kr
Trans: Only Jun (kimhyungjun.net)



This is HnB Company.

Finally PiroPiro is now able to be purchased worldwide!! Bbabam~!

In March, once Piro Piro website has been upgraded, local or overseas orders can be done via the message board.
Meanwhile, orders can be accepted via E-Mail.

International shipping cost will approximately be 1 box = 15,000 won


1. Name of Payee

2. Name of recipient

3. Intended shipping country and address

4. Contact means

Provide the above information and we will advice on the specific shipping details.

Product cost and shipping cost can then be paid and transferred together.
(The maximum capacity of 1 box is for 1 face cushion and 2 neck pillows)
(If orders only consist of neck pillows, the box can contain a maximum of 6 pillows)

Please deposit the payment according to the country’s current exchange rate in order to match the equivalent of the cost in South Korean won.

Now there are already many who have made deposit according to their own exchange rate and has not matched the right payment amount. (We’ll have to contact them separately ^^)

Hope that you will show lots of support ^^ Translation of this text will be uploaded later

Piro Piro~!!!



HnB Company입니다

드디어 피로피로를 전세계에서 구매하실 수 있게 되었습니다!! 빠밤~!

3월 피로피로몰 리뉴얼 이후에는 국내와 해외구매를 별개의 다른 게시판으로

이용하실 수 있으실것이며 그 전까지는 E-Mail을 통한 주문을 받을 예정입니다

국제배송비는 한 박스를 기준으로 15000원이며 E-Mail로

2.받으시는 분 성함
3.배송희망 나라와 주소

위 사항을 보내주시면 그에따른 배송비를 알려드리며 이 후에

상품,배송비를 한꺼번에 입금하시면 됩니다
(1박스 기준 최대 얼굴쿠션1개 + 목베개2개까지 가능)
(목베개로만 구매시 한 박스 최대 6개까지 가능)

입금은 한국원화에 맞춰 입금해주셔야 합니다 현재 해당나라의 환율에 맞춰

상품금액에 맞지 않게 입금을 해주신 분들이 있습니다 (개별연락을 드리도록 하겠습니다^^)

많은 성원 부탁드립니다 ^^ 번역본을 추후 업로드 하도록 하겠습니다


-edited with English version of notice by Alexander-

Greetings to everyone! This is HnB Company!
Finally PiroPiro can be purchased from ALL around the WORLD! Ta-da!!!

Our homepage will be renewed in March. After the renewal, there will be a notice board specially for our overseas customers to purchase our products. Meanwhile, please purchase our product via e-mail.
If you want to place an order, please include the following information in your e-mail:

1. Name of depositor
2. Name of receiver (name of the person who will receive the product)
3. Address of receiver (Country name & detail address information)
4. Contact number

After sending us the e-mail with the above information, we will reply you about the total purchasing price (including shipping fee). Afterwards, you may deposit the correct amount. (Notice: Please ensure that you include the overseas handling charge at your bank. For details about the handling charge, please enquire your local bank.)

This is our bank deposit detail:
Name of bank: Woori Bank
Bank deposit name: 김기범(HnBcompany)
Bank deposit number: 1005-901-769186

Our product will be sent to you in a BOX.
Maximum limitation per BOX:

1 Box = 1 PiroPiro face cushion + 2 PiroPiro neck cushions
1 Box = 6 PiroPiro neck cushions

*For example: 3 PiroPiro face cushions + 2 PiroPiro neck cushions
= 3 BOXes required

**For customers who purchase 100 products or more, we offer you a 10% product discount.

That’s it and that’s all! Thank you very much. Have a nice PiroPiro day!^^ God Bless!
(-translation: XanderPiro! LOL~)

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