02/16 [trans] Fan account – Saw a Celebrity in Front of the Deok Soo Palace Art Museum!

Credits : http://blog.naver.com/rmsvh/50105461420
Korean to English translation by shirbogurl / liezle.blogspot.com

From my school, I went to Deok Soo Palace Art Museum for homework reason.

For the first hour, I followed the tour guide’s explanation and looked around Deok Soo Palace

After that, I wandered around to take pictures of each buildings.

Then, I reached the front of Deok Soo Gong Museum and stood there in order to take pictures.

However, there was a man coming down the stairs.

I waited in order to take the picture after that man come down the stairs

Little by little, the face became more apparent as he got closer…

Wow Kim Kyu Jong!!!

All the Double S fans, I saw Kim Kyu Jong.

In front of Deok Soo Gong Art Museum….hahaha

Nowadays, there is a Picasso Exhibit at the Museum. I think he came to see that.

He’s tall and has an especially high nose that left a deep impression

Would taking a front picture violate his portrait/privacy rights? Because it seems inappropriate, I only took a picture of the back view.

Kim Kyu Jong is on the right. I don’t know who the girl is on the left, but Kim Kyu Jong used Honorific form when talking with her.
(note: bf and gf usually do not use honorific form with each other)

Anyways, he seemed to walk around freely (comfortably) and is very ordinary looking (in a good way).

Good impression and tall and skinny…Since the moment he stood on the stairs, he stood out from others.


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