02/12 [news] SS501 Park JungMin, hold solo album ‘Not Alone’ Kobe-Tokyo First solo showcase

Source: news.jkn.co.kr
Chinese translation: Î™X @ http://www.parkjungmin.com.cn
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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10th February, Park JungMin solo album ‘Not Alone’ officially released via Japan large-scale entertainment company.

On last month 20th, first among his SS501 member to release his solo album ‘Not Alone’, Park JungMin successfully started his solo activities. Right after Taiwan, started his album sales in Japan on 10th February.

Park JungMin who released his first solo album ‘Not Alone’ via Japan Yamaha Music Media Corporation, will hold his showcase in Japan right after South Korea.

In the coming 13th February Kobe and 14th Tokyo’s ‘Park JungMin Japan ‘Not Alone’ album commemorative showcase’, he will be performing together with 4 men band ‘Abingdon Boys School’ which is fronted by Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution) who also has many fans in South Korea. Their leader, SUNAO is the guitarist and Toshiyuki Kishi is Keyboardist. They will perform together with Park JungMin in his main title song ‘Not Alone’ and all other songs in his Japan showcase.

In addition, Park JungMin who perform along with ‘Abingdon Boys School’ leader, SUNAO and Toshiyuki Kishi has made Japan media and record labels officials full of interest with him. The most popular rock band which surplus Japan to Asia and most talented singer, Park JungMin who officially debut in Japan’s cooperation made Park JungMin’s expectation rate increased and has created lots of attention. In future, when Park JungMin releases his Japanese official album, officially debut in Japan and also hold his concert tour, he is also expected to work with them.

In the coming 13th Kobe International Conference Center, 14th Tokyo Shibuya CC Lemon Hall’s ‘Japan ‘Not Alone’ album sales commemorative showcase’, other than singing songs from his solo album ‘Not Alone’, Park JungMin will also sing ‘If you can’t’ which is from his SS501 activities period, and Japanese J-pop, Dreams Come True’s ‘Love Love Love’ and Mr. Children’s ”Mark’ (‚µ‚邵).

Specially for the Japan ‘Not Alone’ album, Park JungMin main title song ‘Not Alone’ Japanese edition is included. Throughout the Japan ‘Not Alone’ album commemorative showcase, Park JungMin will use Japanese to converse and perform, this has even made his fans and Japan officials full of anticipation.

After the Japan ‘Not Alone’ album commemorative showcase, on the 20th, using the ‘Not Alone’ commemorative showcase fan meeting in Taiwan as a start, will begin his plan for Asia promotional tour.

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