02/12 [news] SS501 Kim HyunJoong, “Come to cheer for JYJ Kim Junsu” strong friendship!

Source: http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype2.htm?id=201102120100082240006173&ServiceDate=20110212
Chinese translation: xinhm @ http://www.hyunjoongchina.com
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


SS501 Kim HyunJoong went to watch JYJ Kim Junsu’s performance. On the 12th at Haeorum Theater, National Theater of Korea, Seoul, Kim Junsu’s 2nd musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ has started its performance. On this day, Kim HyunJoong who wore a black beanie hat appeared at 8pm 30mis before the start at the theater. Once he appeared, fans who were waiting at the hall started to scream, Kim HyunJoong bowed and said his greeting and hastily walked to the guest room.

Musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ is about a pure solder Jun (Junsu) who dream to be a writer and his lover club singer Lin (Davichi Lee Haeri), a love beyond time and destiny.

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