02/12 [news] Kim Hyun Joong, the most popular Asian star in China

Credits: TVDaily
by sarahsusiepak / AllKPop
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Various Chinese portal sites like Sohu, Baidu, Google, Sina.com, and others, recently asked their visitors to vote for who they thought was the most popular Asian star.

Kim Hyun Joong won, carrying 3068 (19.2%) votes, probably due to the fact that his most recent drama, “Playful Kiss“, is currently airing in China. While Kim Hyun Joong was popular as part of the group SS501, he didn’t nearly have enough popularity then to beat out the other stars, like Rain and TVXQ, who were on the list. This further supports that Korean dramas still have a great deal of influence in China.

With the results from 2-10, you can see that the drama-popularity trend remains strong, with Song Seung Heon, who’s currently playing the lead in “My Princess”, placing 2nd with 1684 (10.5%) votes, and Girls’ Generation/SNSD’s Yoona at 3rd, with 1259 (7.9%) votes for playing the lead in “You are My Destiny”.

Rain came in 4th place, with 1190 (7.4%) votes; TVXQ’s Yunho came in 5th, with 1148 votes (7.2%); Lee Wan came in 6th place with 991 (6.2%) votes; in 7th place was Lee Seung Gi, with 682 (4.3%) votes; in 8th was Super Junior’s Heechul with 600 (3.7%) votes; 9th was Kim Jung Hoon with 529 (3.3%) votes; and finally, Moon Geun Young with 291 (2.5%) votes.

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