02/10 [news] SS501 Kim KyuJong, ‘I think of our members a lot now that I’m alone’

Credits : http://news.nate.com/view/20110210n06221 + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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Group SS501 has reformed into a group that is ‘Separated but together’ since last year. Leaving DSP Media, each of them settled in different places but they have agreed on the principle that SS501 is continuing on. As Kim HyunJoong goes on as an actor and Park JungMin recently engaged in activities with his solo album ‘Not Alone’, Kim KyuJong (24) will be making his new start as an actor. Moved to Lee Hyori’s agency B2M Entertainment with Heo YoungSaeng, he said with determination, “Even though I belong to a pretty boy group, I am not a pretty boy. That’s why I hope to become an actor who acts with sincerity rather than with face (good looks).”

– How do you feel about working alone?

“I think alot about the times when I was with the members. We can constantly joke around and play around, but now I’ve become alone and there are times where I find it difficult to express myself.”

– Have you been learning acting?

“i am getting private lessons about twice or thrice per week, 2 hours per lesson. Even though I had short experiences of acting in music video or entertainment programs while I was in the group, now that I am going into this field of profession, I have to work it out properly. Even though it is a huge stress, but I am attracted to the charms of acting and find it exciting. There are projects under discussions and will be finalizing soon.”

-What kind of actor would you like to be?

“I certainly think that I am not a pretty boy and must compete with my skill and competence. Even though I belong to a pretty boy group, I am not a pretty boy. I benefited from the members. I will prepare well so that many people will empathize with my acting. I like actor Ha JungWoo’s acting, so I would often search for and watch his works like my course book. Ha JungWoo is really great in the movie ‘My Dear Enemy’.”

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– Do you meet with SS501 members frequently?

“We could not gather all 5 members together at one place. There is always one or two members whose schedule will clash. Because I am in the same agency with YoungSaeng hyung, we met up frequently and even give advices to each other. YoungSaeng hyung is in the midst of preparing his solo album, we went to USA together and met with parties involved with the album, and also listened to the songs. I always talk over the phone with JungMin and watched his performances. I will have a round of drinks with HyunJoong hyung sometimes.”

– You worry a lot now that you are about to start your solo activities right?

“I was able to depend on the members last time. However now I have no backing to lean back on, and must be responsible for everything. Of course I worry about it but I will also have some development and growth through my solo activities. I didn’t know it when we were together but sometimes while looking at the members doing their solo activities, I thought ‘When did they have that side of themselves??showing that they’ve grown before I knew it. Every time that happens, I felt proud and thinks that I should also put in my best efforts. It seems like we have became the whip (means motivation or guidance) for each other.”

– Does SS501 also has lots of enthusiastic fans?

“We made a promise with our fans, ‘Please refrain from coming to our houses as it will be inconvenient to each other. In return, we will be good to you if we see you at the performance venues or broadcasting stations’. After that, the number of SaSaengFans (Fans who pursue after their private life) who come or follow us back to our house decreased alot. Sometimes my father say ‘Be good to them when they come to find you. Who will come for you in 10 year’s time?’ telling me to always be nice to our fans. Isn’t that a very right and truthful word? I appreciate all that was given for liking me.?

– When will SS501release an album?

“We were thinking of end of this year. Because we are with different agencies, it is not easy to work on it. Nevertheless, our members all agree to work together so there will sure to be an outcome for this.”

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