02/09 [trans] Zuno/Junho – Junsu’s twin tweets about playing soccer with Hyun Joong

Dont know the exact date of this…just reposting from another blogger…

Source: http://twitter.com/iamzunoya
Translation by. withjyj.wordpress.com (@_withjyj)
(Please give proper credits when you move my posts)


빨리자야겠다 ㅜㅜ 축구했더니 너무피곤하다 ㅋㅋ 단체컷 http://yfrog.com/gz60836128j
I better get to sleep T_T Playing soccer made me really tired. lol Group picture http://yfrog.com/gz60836128j



아하~오늘 stx와 경기에서는 5대0으로이겼으며 준수가 2골1어시 지환1골 한솔1골 경종1골 화승과의 경기는 5대3으로 승리 준수2골2어시 현중3골 이렇게 넣었습니다^^ 전 수비수라 골은 못넣었지만 열심히 말처럼 뛰어다니느라 죽겠습니다ㅜㅜ자야지^^

Aha~ Today we won over our game with STX with a store of 5:0. Junsu assisted on 1 goal and scored twice. Jihwan scored 1 goal, Hansol 1, and Kyungsong 1. We won our game with Hawseung with a store of 5:3. Junsu scored 2 goals and assisted twice and Hyunjoong scored 3 goals. I play defense so I didn’t score, but I’m really tired because I’ve been running around so much T_T I better get to bed ^^

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