02/09 [news] Turning into a rocker on MCountdown 10/FEB

Credit: MyDaily + English translation by Ode@SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please credit properly when reposting.


SS501 member Park Jung Min who’s had made his solo comeback recently with his soft charisma and musculine charm is expected to transform into a powerful rocker soon.

According to a producer of Mnet MCountdown, on the upcoming 10th, Park Jungmin will be appearing on stage with a rock band. It will be a surprise performance filled with a rock concert concept where fans can thoroughly enjoy such a stage together with Park Jungmin. He is in midst of preparation for this.

-next 2 paragraphs omitted, repetition of Jungmin’s comeback description and review-

Meanwhile, Park Jungmin’s hidden charms as a rocker could be seen on MCountdown to be broadcasted on 10th at 6PM, which will actually be conducted as a live broadcast at Seoul, Mapo-gu, Sangam-dong’s CJ E&M Center.

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