02/09 [info] Jjunaway Notice – Kim HyungJun Japan Album commemorative showcase tour

Source: http://www.kimhyungjun.jp/news/view.asp?seq=376
Reposted: Pretty Boy KimHyungJun.kr
Chinese translation: ShaN_贝贝 @ http://www.HKTripleS.net
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Hi this Jjunaway management office.

All Jjunaway family members! Sorry for letting you waiting for such a long time.
Kim HyungJun Korea album is in preparation for sale.

Will like to give a notice to all Japan fans method to join the new album commemorative showcase tour group.
In musical ‘Cafe In’, radio DJ hosting and a lot other activities, always giving his best, Kim HyungJun is going to release his new album soon!

Jjunaway family, please give warm and strong support.
Hope everybody will actively participate.

Joining date: 10 February 2011, 8pm ~ 24 February 2011, 5pm end

Tour group name: Kim HyungJun ‘New Album release Showcase tour group’
Date: 5 March 2011 (Saturday)
A course: 4-6 March (2D1N)
B course: 4-7 March (3D2N)
Location: Seoul city

Tour Group Special
1. Tour Showcase rehearsal
2. Take photo together with Kim HyungJun
3. Receive Kim HyungJun’s personal autographed album from him personally
4. Attend showcase

More details please see notice tomorrow.*
*Note: No translation available for the notice @ http://entame.knt.co.jp/kimhyungjun/

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