02/08 [info] CNR Notice: Mnet M! Countdown final pre-recorded event

Source: http://www.parkjungmin.net/47624
English translation: @chobee twitter
Please repost with full credit

Information about JungMin’s last show pre-recording event:

1. Will have max 500 seats
2. From the audience, 10 fans will get JungMin’s signed CD’s
3. The recording will start on Thursday, Feb 10th at 12 noon
4. Admission will be first come first serve
5. Location: CJ E & M Center for Sangam 2F (See Map)
6. The 2 Songs that will expectedly be sung are, “Not Alone” & “Do You Know”
7. Green balloons will be sold by staffs on the day off the recording.
8. For the smooth recording, please refrain from excessive speaking and inappropriate action.

This week, all the fans will be together with Not Along broadcast.
Please participate a lot in cheering.

Thank you^^

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