02/03 [trans] JungMin: Thoughts like ‘I will feel lonely’ is a No-No!!! (Interview 2)

Source: http://tvdaily.mk.co.kr/read.php3?aid=1296694291128067010
English translation: SS501ode.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit


Singer Park Jungmin from SS501 has returned to his fans with ‘NOT ALONE’. With his more matured musculine beauty, it’s difficult to find the feel of a ‘kkap’ idol in him.

As compared to what we thought it was, he showed an extremely serenaded side of his when we thought it was tough for him to stand on his own feet now; and with that, he washed away the concerns of his fans and other members’, “At first, because of the burden, I became very worried and nervous, but with the inevitable incident that happened, the album was delayed and instead I found relaxation. Now, to spend time alone has become very natural for me”, as Park Jungmin said.

“Even loneliness has turned to be a natural thing to deal with. For me now, everything has turned to become familiar, and days without the members have turned into normal, ordinary days”, “When we were doing activities as a group, it was so noisy like city markets, so on stages and backstage, it was so fun. But now, instead of the members, I’m dealing enjoyingly well with the staff”, as he confessed to his own method of carrying out activities without his members.

However, he did not exclude plans for activities with his members, “It’ll be great if our members could re-unite together. It’s the hopes of all our members, but because we are all in different agencies now, it looks a little difficult and there’s no concrete specifics set right now”.

“We don’t want to cause disturbance and conflicts to each agency and so we thought that by getting to a fair agreement right from the start, we could then be able to adjust our schedules in advance and thus stand on the stage together”, as he divulged his peculiar understanding of economy concept.

In his album this time round, Park Jungmin tended to every single matter in it. Besides participating in the lyrics writing for all the songs, he also gave many of his personal suggestions like in certain parts of the performing stages so as to insert vibrancy, etc. He indeed possesses the responsibility to perfectly deliver his personal stage without his members, and of course to also show to audiences a refreshing side of his as he re-challenges forward.

‘NOT ALONE’ that consists of beads and beads of sweat of Park Jungmin, let’s just give our attention to how he will influence in future.

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