01/29 [info] Park JungMin ‘Not Alone’ Showcase/Fanmeeting in Taiwa

Source: Sony Music Taiwan Facebook
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
Please repost with full credit

Park Jung Min Because of you ‘Not Alone’ Showcase & Fan Party in Taiwan

Ticket price & purchase date is released!
Start selling from (年代*)
MiniUFO Note: *http://www.ticket.com.tw/

SS501 Member Park JungMin
2011 Park JungMin Because there’s you NOT ALONE Showcase & Fan Party
Date: Sunday, 20 February 2011
Entrance time: 6pm
Event start: 7pm
Location: Taipei NTU Sports Center Level 1
Ticket Price: 3500/3000/2500/2000
VIP Zone Ticket Price: 3500 (Free gift: Korea import poster)

Complete new and complete entertaining 120mins!!
Complete new ‘Park JungMin’ restarting!
First solo album, personally involved in writing lyrics,
Truefully presented his determination and rational towards music.
28 January 2011, Park JungMin first solo mini album ‘Not Alone’ finally reveal its mysterious veil.
Holding the name of Asia most popular super male idol group SS501,
Preparing to use his own name ‘Park JungMin’ to come back to the music circle in South Korea and various places in Asia.
In this brand new solo mini album, he cooperates with the most popular star producer ‘Shinsadong Tiger’, showing richer and more advance music than SS501 period, creating a completely new style different from previous.
Specially when preparing this mini album, he has participated with the role of a song writer in the album production, allowing him to has a real feel of the hardship and sweet moment of music production. From the title song ‘Not Alone’, ‘Do you know?’ and also ‘With you everyday is Merry Christmas’ and all the song, he has personally written the song lyrics, showing his heart felt feeling through the lyrics.

Big chinese region first stop Taipei fan meeting, with a heart filled with gratitude and enthusiasm, Park JungMin come to Taiwan for fans that supported him, giving his most exquisite performance, allowing Taiwan fans to have a great listening time and also solving their longing for him. The content of the performance not only include his most skillful Korean songs, but also has specially practice chinese songs diligently for Taiwan fans, his fans will definitely has a great listening time.

Also, in order to thank his fans’ support and care, he has specially prepare the ‘Love Hugging’ activity, those holding the ticket for the event and also holding the ‘Love Hugging’ lucky draw ticket included in his album, after filling in personal information, lucky draw will be conducted during the event, this will be a chance to have close contact with Park JungMin!

Guess faithful fans that loved Park JungMin will definitely not want to miss this chance which is so unique and full of love. For complete information please see Sony Music Official website.

Hope to have the attention of all guest:
Fan meeting will start at 7pm
(Entrance time: 6:00~6:50pm, No entrance after 6.50pm)
Children under 10 years old are not allow entrance to this concert, please cooperated.

All new information will be promptly released in ‘Sony Music Official Website’
Please keep in close attention!!

*Ticket return policy for this event will be based on ticket.com.tw website rules and regulation.

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