01/24 [trans] HyunJoong Interview in Haru Hana

Scanned Photos lifted from blog.daum.net/elley0606
Japanese Translation: miy0 @lovekimhyunjoong.com








Kim Hyun Joong participated in the public filming of DATV Charity program 「Message To Asia」 at Tokyo Dome in December. Recently, his activities as an actor stands out but this time at this event, he sang the theme song in japanese and it has been a while since he appeared on stage as a singer showing his charm.

“It really has been a while since I’m able to appear as a singer and I’m very happy. Also it was meaningful to me to be able to sing the theme song. To be able to sing in front of everyone, I myself enjoyed it. I thought that it’s really great to be able to join such a good event at the end of the year. I feel that the year 2010 has end off well.”

Looking back at Kim Hyun Joong in 2010, the first that comes to mind is the drama 「Playful Kiss」. In his earlier drama 「Boys Over Flowers」, he acted as F4 which is played by 4 members but this time Kim Hyun Joong plays the leading role. Therefore he has more appearance in scenes and during filming he hardly has any time to sleep.

“Filming was really tough. Stress has been piling up and there was no time to reduce that stress. So there isn’t any way to relieve stress (laughs)”

Even after the filming of 「Playful Kiss」, he haven’t been able to take a break slowly.
“The filming ended at the end of October and then consistently continuing a lot of schedule, like participating in the Asia Games Opening Ceremony and there is also commercial filming work. So still hardly taken a rest yet.”

When asked if he is able to take a break what would he want to do and he replied with such an answer.

“Thinking back, it didn’t cross my mind of any thing in particular that I want to do. Ahh, but, I would want to go to Jeju Island with my family. Then work again after resting and played a little. (laughs)”

He will be working on the production of the new album. In 2011, seems like it will be hard to keep one’s eyes off Kim Hyun Joong who will still be running on.

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