01/23 [trans] HyunJoong Interview with hanryu, fondue

YT videos courtesy of TheJoongjoong
Japanese to English translation by Lafone / liezle.blogspot.com

1st video

Kim Hyun Joong
2005 :Debut as Leader of Idole group SS501
2007: Debut in Japan with his single album “Kokoro“ (=Heart)
2007: 1st career as actor in BOF

He participated in DaTV’s charity event, “Smile Project” which many top stars from Asia joined.

Interview :

This charity event is to contribute to the disadvantaged children in Asia. It is just a small project but it will give hope for them. I hope that there will be more and more projects with good objectives like this in future. I would like to have another opportunities to join.

Question: What is your impression of Tokyo Dome?
Leader : It was an honor to be on such a huge stage of Tokyo Dome. I have been dreaming of performance at Tokyo Dome, and therefore, my dream came true.
I would like to do my best so that I will be able to have an exclusive concert there in the future. (While he was talking about his dream about Tokyo Dome, his eyes sparkled )

** Be nice to me performance **

Question: What kind of impression about Japanese fans do you have?
Leader : I am impressed that they became so passionate. When we had a
Concert in Japan, they just quietly applauded. But with growing popularity of Kpop here in Japan, they are now passionate as much as Koreans. As I felt such drastic change directly, I was able to enjoy the performance by myself. (* Many Japanese fans screamed “Leader!” each time he was on a stage. Actually, the majority of penlight was green!)

Question: What made you to decide to join this project ?
Leader :I have been recently interested in charity event and I happened to hear about Tokyo Dome charity event. For me, it was a good opportunity as I have been dreaming of stage at Dome.

** Presentation scene of Auction item of Leader **
FYI, he donated the suit he wore when he sang “Sunshine Again”

Question : What kind of charity event, would you like to participate ?
Leader : Not only for smile project, I would like to do something for children, as I have many opportunities to visit foreign countries.

** BYI ssi on the stage **

Question : Could you tell us about BYJ ssi ?
Leader : This is the first time that I was on the same stage with senior Yong Joon. I was much impressed and understand now why he was called “ Yongsama (=nim) “ in Japan. I would like to follow Young Joon Hyun who have implementing many charity events, and will work harder so that I will be able to have some events by my name in the future. It will be nice if I could have an event to invite not only Asian but also world-wide artists there.

Question : Any episode with Bae Yong Joonssi ?
Leader : He told me in joke that he would like to challenge for singing and dancing the next year. I said that I would help him then as a senior in singing. (laugh) In 2011, I am going to release solo albums, I would like to show you much powerful perfful and various performance.

** Mr. Tetsuya Komuro, Producer’s speech and Leader’s singing of the theme-song.

Question: Any episode with Mr. Komuro?
Leader : It was a great honor for me to sing a theme song made by Mr. TestuyaKomuro, one of the greatest producers in Japan. I was so happy that he created this song especially for me. I would like to work together with him when I have a chance to release an album in Japan.

Question : Impression on the artists at Dome ?
Leader On Vaness : As he has activities in Korea, I met him a few times. So I feel him very close.

Leader on Gackt (Japanese Rock singer ) : I met him for the first time yesterday. I felt that he was so unique, having his own charm we can only see in him.

Leader on Hwanhee : I could not see him for a long time. Therefore, I was so happy to see him again at this kind of event. I am happy to be able to be on the stage with such fantastic artists this time and I would like to appreciate for it.

Question : Any message for fans ?
Leader : First of all, I would like to extend my appreciation to those who came to this event yesterday, and I do hope that they would support this kind of event in future as well. I will work hard so that I will be able to implement some event with charity, not just performance. (End of the first video)

2nd Video

Question : What made you smile recently ?
Leader : Ah ~~~ Beef bowl ! (his favorite Japanese food)
As I like Beef bowl, I naturally smile while eating it (in a laugh)

Question : What’s your favorite Japanese food except for beef bowl ?
Leader : Ramen and curry rice (in a smile )
The real Indian curry use many spices, which are not palatable to Koreans.
We, Koreans rather like Japanese curry .

Question : Japanese word you like the best?
Leader : Japanese ? “ Hurry up ! “ (HayakuHayaku in Japanese, and in a laugh)
Reason why I like it ? As I am rather impatient, I prefer to do anything

Question : When do you feel happy?
Leader : Singing a song at stage as well as acting, and learning about acting.
I enjoy all of this and feel happy. Happiness is not something special.
If I do something I like, I feel happy. Also, in order to achieve my goal,
I work hard together with my fellows, and that’s the moment I feel happiness.

Question: Appreciation about fans’ consideration?
Leader : Including male fans, they always support me.
In spite of the opposite views from surrounding peple, they have continuously been on my side with belief in me which touched me a lot.

Question : Base for future activities?
Leader : Not only in Korea, I would like to work in Asia as singer, and I would like to expand my acting activities.

Question : Future plan ?
Leader : I will continue to be singer as well as actor. For those who like me as actor, I would like to do my best so that they will love me as singer, and for those who like me as singer, I would like to attract them as actor. I am going to release my first solo album in May or June which includes a Japanese title song. Please give it your support. After promotion activities of the solo album, I have a plan to act again.

Question : Message for Japanese fans, please !
Leader : I will continue to work hard as singer and actor. I appreciate your support. Also, I can assure you much expectation for the first solo album. Thank you !

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