01/23 [news] Don’t call Park JungMin a ‘horse’, it’s ‘Dark Prince’

Source: newsen
Translation: Wonderrrgirl @ Love501.com
Please repost with full credit

Park Jung Min broke away from the title ‘SS501’ and transformed into a solo artist.

Park Jung Min adorned the stage with his overwhelming charisma through ‘Not Alone’ on the broadcast of SBS Inkigayo (MC: Sulli, Jokwon and Jung Yonghwa) on the 23 of January.

Dressed in a dark black suit, Park Jung Min’s stylish-as-ever appeal has captivated the audience. Even though he entered the stage not as a group but as a solo artist, his charismatic stage mannerism made the fully-packed audience go wild with excitement.


With title song ‘Not Alone’ as his solo debut and despite the uneasiness that he carries with him ahead, the fans have placed their faith on him. With great working ambitions, Shinsadong Tiger and Park Jung min have worked together to produce a new feel in the dance song by incorporating a splendid orchestra as well as percussion beats into the song.

Especially with regards to Park Jung Min’s solo album, he revealed his affinity towards the album by personally participating in the writing of the songs. The lyrics of the title song ‘Not alone’, ‘Do you know’ and ‘My day is Christmas Everyday’ are all personally written by Park Jung Min.

– Information about other performing artists on Inkigayo omitted –

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