01/21 [info] Park JungMin ‘Not Alone’ Taiwan Edition

Source: http://www.sonymusic.com.tw/album_info.php?al_prodno=88697854122
English translation: PlanetHyun.blogspot.com
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20 January 2011 announcing a completely new start! Restart with completely new ‘Park JungMin’ ! First solo mini album, personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and idealistic.

Artist Name: Park JungMin
Album Name: Not Alone
Release Date: 2011-01-28

Album song list

Disc 1

1. Not Alone
2. Do you know?
3. Everyday with you is Christmas
4. Not Alone (Instrumental)
5. Do you know? (Instrumental)
6. Everyday with you is Christmas (Instrumental)
* Song Name translated from Chinese Song Name

Album Introduction
Since SS501 go on solo activities, a brand new ‘Park JungMin’ make a completely new start!

First solo Mini Album personally involved in song writing, truthfully presented his determination and principle.

* Taiwan Edition exclusive included one card sticker (Total 4 different style of card sticker, one each in each album)

* First edition include 20 February 2011 hold in NTU Sports Centre (台大體育館), [2011 Park JungMin ‘Because there’s you’ Not Alone Showcase & Fan Party] lucky draw ticket, have a chance to have a love hug from Park JungMin during the event, details of activity please see instruction on lucky draw ticket.

20 January 2011, Park JungMin first solo mini album ‘Not Alone’ finally reveal its mysterious veil. Holding the title of the most popular super male idol group, even prepare to use his own name ‘Park JungMin’ to come back splendorous to the music circle in South Korea and various Asia countries.

In this brand new solo album, working together with the hottest star producer ‘Sinsadong Tiger’, showing richer than SS501 period and more advance musical, creating a brand new style which is different from the past.

Especially during the preparation of this first solo mini album, participated as a song writer in the album production, allowing him to have the actual feel of the hardship and sweetness of music production. From the title song ‘Not Alone’, ‘Do you know?’ and also ‘Everyday with you is Christmas’, every songs are personally written by him, showing his most sincere feelings between the lines of lyrics.

I am not lonely, because there is you!!
– Not Alone
Park JungMin first solo mini album, first title song is ‘Not Alone’.

Together with the producer ‘Sinsadong Tiger’ after going through a long period of deep thought, decided to make ‘Not Alone’ as the title song. Hope that via this song, will convey Park JungMin’s gratitude towards his fans. Because of the existence fans, even though with the lacking of SS501 members beside him, he do not feel lonely.

The title song ‘Not Alone’ is a song accompanied by gorgeous orchestral, mixing with real instrumental and synthetic instrument, combining beatbox with classical music’s avant-garde dance music. Through Park JungMin unique gentle and delicate vocals, mixing with soft and lyrical orchestral music and strong percussion ensemble, creating a brand new alternative dance music.

The entire album songs are ingenuity arranged, track by track coordinate cohesively, very worth listening. In addition lots of effort is being placed in ‘Not Alone’ song lyrics, showing a unique style exclusively belongs to Park JungMin.

Previously during group activities not often listen before, exclusively ‘Park JungMin’ special vocal charm, will be completely presented in ‘Do you know?’. ‘Do you know?’ is a song with dreamy British rock style, Park JungMin personally involved in the song writing and behind the scene production, it is a song fill with ‘Park JungMin’ music style and passion.

‘Everyday with you is Christmas’ is a love letter presented to his fans. With lyrics writen by Kang HyunMin from Loveholic, it is a dreamy like, lively and sweet song. From this song, could feel the warm Latin jazz (bossa nova) style, and will easily mesmerized by Park JungMin unique sensual and warm music charm.

After SS501 ‘Love Ya’ activities, on 2011 Park JungMin stand on the stage for the first time, in future his traces will cover South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and other Asia countries, predicted to received passionate support and welcome from his fans.

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